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K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection main window in Opera 12
Type ofContent filter
DeveloperBlue Coat Systems, Inc.
operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
Interface languagesEnglish
First edition2006
Hardware platformPC (x86 / x64)
Latest version
conditionLimited support until 06/30/19
LicenseFreeware, Shareware

K9 Web Protection - A computer program designed to provide parental control and limit users from inappropriate content. It works under the operating systems Windows, Mac OS. For Andro>. Developed by Blue Coat Systems. The program is licensed under the Freeware license for home users, and under the Shareware license for enterprises.

For installation requires free registration on the official website. Currently, more than 5.8 million users are registered.

August 1, 2016, Blue Coat Systems, Inc. was acquired by Symantec Corporation.

User support will be discontinued after 06/30/2019. A tool for uninstalling a program was introduced. The features of the free K9 are included in the paid Norton Antivirus Plus. For users of the program, an antivirus is offered for $ 29 instead of 59.

# 1 Casanova

K-9 computer protection against pornography and Internet threats.

The K-9 program is ideal for people who are planning to quit masturbation.
Whatever people swear oaths, sooner or later, during weakness or by accident, you will find yourself on a porn site.
You get aroused and masturbate. Excitation will happen very quickly in your head, and you won’t even understand how it happened.
In order to prevent such an opportunity, install the K-9 program, which will give you time to change your mind and not go to the porn site.
K-9 will protect you from masturbation.

“Somehow I clicked on some kind of link, and instead a porn site crawled out. But the K9 program immediately blocked this nonsense.
It really saved me from a breakdown. "
- Casanova

- To solve the problem of password storage and its loss, see the topic Password K9
- Black list of what K9 does not block see topic Black list

The K-9 program is designed to effectively protect computers from immoral, forbidden or psychologically traumatic Internet content. The program uses a web content filtering system for more than 55 categories. The filter works in local service mode, the program uses Blue Coat's filtering database. The web filter contains a rating of more than 15 million websites containing billions of web pages organized in the most suitable and useful categories. To ensure accuracy, each site in the Web Filter database is listed in several suitable thematic categories.

A web filter has an average coverage of over 94% of the requested sites. The rest of the sites that are not included in the rating usually end up with malicious content, Blue Coat Labs ™ is actively working on the development of tracking technology, and the Web Filter database is based on the really applicable patterns of Internet users.
To process that small percentage of Unrated sites that have not yet entered the database, the filter uses a dynamic real-time rating system (DRTR ™) - a unique, patented technology that puts sites in their respective categories on the fly, while how the user makes an attempt to open such a site.

The program also has black and white list options. So adding a site to the white list - the site will load even if it is in the Unrated category, and the blocking of sites from this category is set in the filter settings. And on the other hand - you can block any site from the allowed category and it will not be loaded under any circumstances.

In addition, in the program settings you can specify the time period during which the user will be able to use the Internet. There is also an option to audit user activity, with the ability to view a list of blocked addresses.

The program has protection against ingenious ones, during the installation process you enter the administrator password without knowing which it is impossible to remove or stop the program, it is not visible in the add / remove programs, it is also not visible in the task manager.

The program is distributed free of charge - registration comes by e-mail!

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# 2 Casanova

Install K9 Web Protection

1. Go to the page:
http: //www.k9webprot. com / license.jsp
and fill in the data with a valid e-mail address.

2. A letter from technical support should come to your e-mail
with the name "Welcome to the K9 Community!"
In this letter, a license key for the program will be sent.

3. Download the K9 program for free from here: ... ftware.php
The program works with all operating systems (2000, xp, vista, mac, radhat, ubuntu, mandriva).
The web browser version does not matter.
During the installation of the program, you will need a license key, as well as an administrative password that can be trusted with someone else for additional protection.
An administrative password is needed to access the settings and unlock pages.

K9 is ready for use immediately after installation. When you enter the site address, a request is made to an external database.

After installation, a shortcut appears on the desktop, double-clicking on it will launch a web browser with the loaded page. The same address will appear in the menu Favorite Internet Explorer From the homepage you can go to three pages:

View Internet Activity - viewing statistics on the Internet, indicating the visited web-pages,

Setup - settings for the operation of K9 Web Protection,

Get help - getting help (in English).

To access the settings and view statistics, you must enter the administrator password that you created during installation.

K9 Web Protection Settings

Choose Setup, enter the password and go to the K9 Web Protection blocking policy settings page. There are seven tabs. In Web Categories to Block, select blocked categories.

There are several predefined values:

Monitor - All categories of sites are allowed, but information about pages visited is logged,

Minimal and Moderate - blocked sites for adults and Spyware,

Default - default mode: all unwanted categories are blocked, sites without a rating are allowed,

High - maximum protection mode, blocks all undesirable categories, including sites that do not have a rating,

Custom - the user sets the categories of sites that are undesirable for visiting.

In the tab Web Site Exceptions web resources are indicated that should always be blocked ( Sites to always block) or, conversely, always be allowed ( Sites to Always Allow), regardless of the other settings. The settings are simple, you just enter the site address in the line Add a site: and press the button Add. Move on. Going to Web search options and by checking the box in Use Google SafeSearch, you activate the Google Safe Search feature. As a result, the request will not display links to resources containing pornography and materials with a pronounced sexual nature.

By the way, you yourself can enable the Google SafeSearch option by going to and selecting the option Strict filteringthat appears to the right of the title Safe search. Before exiting do not forget to press the button Save Settings. For Google SafeSearch to work, a web browser must allow cookies.

Tab Time restrictions allows you to specify the time during which it is allowed or forbidden to access the Internet. You push the button Allow or Deny, and then indicate the day of the week and the time at which access should be allowed or denied, respectively. The forbidden time period will be highlighted in red, the allowed period will be highlighted in gray. You can immediately select an area and click one of the buttons. After making changes, click Save changes.

In the next tab, Blocking effects, sets the K9 Web Protection reaction when the page is locked. With parameter activated Bark when blocked during blocking sound will be played, installation Show admin options on block pages will allow "on the fly" to cancel the page lock, for which you will need to enter a password. Finally, the settings group Time out settings it will allow blocking access to all web-sites if within a certain period of time an attempt was made to visit several unauthorized resources.

The Keywords URL page is rather auxiliary, since the resources are perfectly blocked using the information entered in the database. But if you find that some sites still go through filters, or want to add your category, then indicate a keyword or template on this page. If this pattern matches, the site will be blocked. And the last tab is Change password - allows you to change the administrator password.

View web surfing statistics

Going to View Internet Activity, you can view the web activity log on the computer. You can select two viewing options. AT View Activity Summary You will receive general information on the categories of web resources that have been visited on your computer, indicating their number and viewing status (blocked or not). Clicking on any of the categories will show more detailed information, including visit time and full address of the request. Go to View Activity Detail will display similar information, only without sorting by category.