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The easiest ways to make a gift box out of paper


If you need a box for storing things and / or any little things, then it is easy to do it yourself.

Prepare some materials for work and follow simple instructions.

There are many options to make a box.

Here are just a small part of the simplest and at the same time interesting options for making the box yourself.

DIY box (diagram)

- paper (plain, decorative, gift or color cardboard)

- scissors or stationery knife

- glue stick (if necessary)

1. Cut 2 squares out of paper - the side of one should be 1.5 cm larger than the side of the other (no more). A square with a larger side will serve as a lid for the box.

* Choose a box size for yourself.

* The thicker the paper, the stronger the box.

* In this example, the dimensions of the squares are as follows: a small square 33 x 33 cm, a large square 34.5 x 34.5 cm. The height of the box is 6.5 cm and the width is 12 cm.

* Cut carefully to get even squares.

2. Start folding paper squares as indicated in the images.

3. When all the folds are done, begin to “assemble” the box: lift the walls using the already formed folds, no need to bend the paper further.

4. Having collected half of the box from one paper square, start doing the same from the other, and then combine both squares into one box.

DIY cardboard box

- PVA glue (or hot glue gun)

- cardboard packaging for cereal

1. Carefully cut and straighten the cereal box (see image).

2. Fold the cardboard in half.

3. Fold the bottom half of the cardboard in half.

4. Scissor the cuts shown in the image.

5. Start folding as shown in the images.

* Use glue to fix certain areas.

Here is what should end up:

DIY storage box

- box (any size)

- cloth (to wrap the box)

- glue brush

- thread and needle (sewing machine)

1. Prepare an ordinary cardboard box and carefully cut from all sides to get a box.

2. Prepare the fabric and make pens. To do this, you need to cut out strips of fabric suitable for you length and width. Next, you need to fold these strips as shown in the image and sew with a thread.

3. Now put your disassembled box on a piece of selected fabric. Circle the box around the perimeter with a simple pencil.

4. Lubricate the bottom of the box with PVA glue and glue it to the material in the drawn place.

5. Turn over the workpiece and smooth the fabric with your hand.

6. To make the joints of the material on the edges of your box you need to bend the fabric and glue the layer of material that you want to leave at the bottom.

7. Now glue the sidewalls with glue, and glue the upper part over the lower part, bending it (see image).

8. Make the top. You need to glue the folded edge to the material and fasten this fabric inside the box. Pay attention to the design of the corners (shown in the photo).

* In the image, carefully look at how the corners are designed.

9. We fix the handles. To do this, make holes for them in the box. Use a pencil to thread the handle into the slot, and secure the ends with glue.

10. For the reliability of pens, use cardboard strips.

Method number 1: Square origami box

Beautiful and light in execution - this should be the first home-made box. This is how it will turn out if you do it according to this simple instruction. In this case, the origami style is used.

To make the box you will need:

  1. Colored or wrapping paper for gifts,
  2. Scissors,
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencil,
  5. Jewelry at will - satin, velvet or lace ribbon, volumetric applique, flower bud.

How to make a box:

To make gift wrapping easy, come in handy step by step instructions with photos. In order to make a beautiful box, you need to take care of creating the lid and the main part in the same style. The top can be presentable, vibrant or playful. The bottom can be made of plain paper of a suitable color style.

  • Begin by creating a lid for the box. You will need square paper for this. Dimensions can be anything - depending on the author’s ideas. In this case, the square will be 21.5x21.5 cm. You need to draw a square of paper diagonally to make a cross, as in the photo below.
  • The lower corner must be bent so that it lies on the central point of intersection of the drawn lines. You can navigate through the photo. Then you need to bend the resulting fold again, but so that its edge exactly coincides with the drawn strip. Folds must be smoothed out well so that they print on paper. You can use the pencil case. After that, we unbend the square back, keeping the folds necessary for further work on paper.

  • We repeat these steps for the three remaining angles, resulting in a finished square with a grid of the bends we need. After that, we cut from two sides two side parts that now look like houses.

  • The next stage is done according to the photos: we add the cover of the future box.

  • After that, you can begin to carry out the basis of the box. To create it, a square made of paper 3 mm smaller than the previous one is useful. In our case, it is 21.2x21.2 cm. The bottom is folded in the same way as the lid. The result is a beautiful box that can be decorated with ribbon, applique, flower.
  • The inner ends can be glued on the inside with double tape.

We learned how to make a box of paper, but there are also more reliable materials for such a critical product as gift wrapping.

For clarity, you can watch a video where the box is also made in origami style:

How to make a box of paper

There are many gift wrapping materials in modern gift shops. It is not necessary to buy them to store items or to give a small but valuable gift. For example, a box for a small gift or for storing things can be made independently. How to make a box of paper, we will describe further.

Origami paper box

The first box should be easy to manufacture and have a beautiful appearance. Therefore, we proceed to the manufacture of ordinary square origami paper boxes.

For the creative process, we need:

  • paper used for gift wrapping (for lack of such material, you can use plain color),
  • scissors,
  • ruler and simple pencil,
  • decoration elements of the finished product, if there is a desire to decorate the craft.

Having collected the entire list of materials and tools, you can begin to manufacture. How to make a box of paper a simple option, we will describe further.

First you need to choose the same material for the cap and base of the product. After all, the craft should be made in the same style.

Step-by-step instructions for making a square box:

  1. Making the box begins with the creation of the lid. Therefore, you need to take paper to cut a square out of it. The sizes of the square can be very different, that is, they depend on the manufacturer’s ideas. Next, draw a diagonal line on the square with a pencil and a ruler (it should make a cross).
  2. Bend the bottom corner. It is necessary to bend so that the angle lies exactly to the marked section in the center. Fold, fold one more time. It should exactly coincide with the line in the center. All folds are recommended to be ironed well so that they are visually visible on paper. After ironing, the craft unbends to its original shape.
  3. In a similar pattern, we bend the remaining corners of the square. As a result, you should get a square with visually visible bending lines. Now it is necessary to make cuts on both sides and fold the parts into the shape of a cover for the box.

How to make a cover for a box of paper, we figured out, now we proceed to the manufacture of the box itself.

Production is as follows:

  • It is necessary to cut a square from the selected material, but in this case it should be 3 mm smaller than the square cut out for the lid. The beginning of production is carried out with the construction of the bottom of the craft. The bottom folds in the same way as the lid.
  • After bending and assembling the box, you need to decorate it. To do this, often use ribbon, applications and flowers. After decoration, it remains only to glue the inner ends with double-sided tape.

And so, how to make a box of paper in an easy way to origami, we figured out. But there are many other manufacturing options that have a more attractive appearance. These boxes will be described later.

Rectangular box

If you need to present a gift of overall size, then purchase ready-made packaging is not worth it. It will be much more pleasant for a person if the gift is in a makeshift box, which will be in one original copy, in comparison with all the usual gift wraps.

The manufacture of a rectangular box is carried out:

  • from cardboard
  • from double-sided tape or glue,
  • you will need scissors to make
  • pencil and ruler
  • various decorations that you like and are suitable for decorating the finished product.

Having collected the necessary material and tools, we proceed to manufacture. The manufacturing process begins with the selection and cutting of the template.

If it is not possible to print a template, you can draw and cut it directly on the selected cardboard. In this case, it is desirable to observe the sizes and proportions.

The process of constructing a rectangular box:

Rectangular box

  • We put the lines on the cardboard in accordance with the drawing in the photo and cut it out along the contour. Next, you need to bend all the edges in dashed lines. Since cardboard is a dense material that is difficult to bend, it is recommended to use an object with a sharp edge to fold. It can be a pencil, screwdriver and even a nail file.
  • After all the folds are done, and the shape of the box is obtained, in places where the edges should be glued, apply glue or glue double-sided tape. Then we connect all the parts into a solid structure.
  • And so the box is ready, if a gift is given in it, then it needs to be decorated. To do this, you can use any decorating material that you like.

The whole box is ready, you can put a gift in it and present it.

Method number 3: Triangular box cake

Not only simple square and rectangular boxes, but also gift and packaging products of very original shapes can be made of paper and cardboard. Step-by-step photographs will help you quickly understand the manufacturing process.

As in the past case, the manufacture of this box will greatly facilitate the work of the finished template. The edges of the lid may be wavy, which is associated with cream, or straight. Paper colors can be chosen at your discretion, the main thing is that everything looks harmonious together. The dimensions of the future box can be anything you like, the main thing is that the bottom template is 3 mm smaller than the cover template.

To make the box you will need:

How to make a box:

Tip: for the first time it’s worth trying to make this box out of plain paper to understand the manufacturing principle, and only then proceed to the original on more expensive paper.


Box cover template with straight edges. Box cover template with wavy edges. Template for the base of the cake box.

Important: Be sure to check the size of the templates, these examples may not fit together in size. The dimensions of the base template should be slightly smaller than the dimensions of the cover template.

  • We draw the cover template and the base of the box on two separate sheets. Cut the paper blanks.
    If this is the final version of the product, and you want to work with cardboard, then paper templates need to be attached to the cardboard and outline the edges, outline the dashed lines of the folds, and then cut out the components of the box.

  • Then you need to make even folds on the cardboard on the dotted line. You can help yourself with a ruler and a pointed object.

  • Now it remains to seal the future top and bottom of the box at the joints - on the bends.

  • In the final, you can decorate the product with ribbon, applique, beads, flowers.


To pack a gift you need to calculate the size. Most importantly, use an even square.

Step-by-step instructions (in more detail than in the photo):

  1. Bend the square in half and straighten.
  2. Put the square in the shape of a rhombus.
  3. In turn, bend all the corners to the center and straighten.
  4. Turn to the second side.
  5. To do the same.
  6. It turns out a closed square.
  7. Triangles from the center need to be bent to the edges. Top and bottom side, do not touch the side.
  8. Return to starting position.
  9. Open the triangles (upper and lower), that is, remove the lower one down (straighten), and the upper one up.
  10. The sides are taken in turns towards the center.
  11. Pull the upper and lower triangles to the center. To return.
  12. To part the right and left parties.
  13. At the bottom there should be 2 triangles, to which 2 of the following go.
  14. The retractable part is ready.

In order to make a cover, you will need the following details and step-by-step steps:

DetailsCourse of action
2 rectangles
  1. Cover the top and bottom, as well as 2 sides.
  2. The width and height of the finished retractable part are measured.
  3. On this basis, a layout is prepared, parts of which need to be glued on the sides

This option must be decorated. The retractable structure is best supplemented with a thread or eyelet to pull it out of the base. You can glue a volume bead, which will serve as a handle (like a door).

With fixed cover

How to make a box of paper with a fixed cover is described in the instructions below. For its manufacture, it is enough to print or draw and cut the following layout.

Act according to the scheme:

  1. Prepare a drawing on paper.
  2. Carefully cut along the contour.
  3. The layout is ready.
  4. Bend along the orange lines.
  5. In blocks labeled "glue" apply glue and stick them to each other.
  6. To pay attention that one similar part remains free is a cover.
  7. Gift wrapping is ready.

Opening it with just your fingers is inconvenient, so it’s best to stick a thread or chain on the top. Do not forget about the decoration, you can make a layout immediately from colored paper or already with a picture.

Round box

We figured out the simple shapes of the boxes, now we will tell you how to make a round box of paper.

To make it is necessary to have:

  • corrugated packaging board,
  • ruler
  • a simple pencil
  • a non-writing pen or similar object with a sharp edge,
  • adhesive or double-sided tape
  • decoration elements.

Having collected the material, we will proceed to manufacture. The manufacturing process is as follows:

Round box preparatory phase

  • we cut 4 circles from packaging corrugated cardboard, while 2 of them should be smaller,
  • circles are cut, now, you need to cut 4 stripes to fit the circles, one should be wide and the other narrow and preferably with a margin of length,
  • glue the circles

final stage

  • take smaller glued circles (for the base) and glue a strip to them, so the base is ready,
  • Now, by the same principle, we produce a cover from large circles.
  • Quick option

    How you can make a box of paper in a quick way is shown step by step below. First of all, you need to prepare a printed form, which is assembled by fixing the parts together. This option needs to be done on cardboard, because paper does not hold its shape well.

    Production progress:

    1. Print or draw a figure on thick paper or cardboard, as in the picture.
    2. Cut along the contour.
    3. Pay attention to the part where 2 parallel bold (black) lines. They should be holes. Cut them better with a clerical knife. The lines from the scissors may turn out to be too deep and uneven, then there will be no reliability of the design.
    4. Lines at the edges (thin strips) should also be cut. They will be inserted into each other.
    5. Bend the sides along the dotted line in the center.
    6. Push into each other parts with fasteners or inserts.
    7. Collect the box.

    This is the simplest option, because the schemes are practically not needed here, it is enough to experimentally bend and insert parts. In addition, a ready-made layout is used, and not a lot of actions for its formation.

    Cake box

    As you have seen, not only boxes of simple shapes can be made of paper, but also gift boxes of original and more attractive forms. A round gift box, we have made. Now we will tell you how to make a box of paper in the form of a cake.

    To make such a box is much easier in pattern. For work you will need:

    • thick paper or cardboard,
    • glue,
    • scissors,
    • pencils,
    • ruler
    • at the request of decoration.

    The edges of the lid can be either wavy or straight, the color of the material is chosen according to the preference of the manufacturer. The size is also chosen by the manufacturer, but it should be noted that the base of the box should be 3 mm smaller than the cover. To make this type of box beautiful, it is recommended that you first make a craft from plain paper, and then proceed with manufacturing from a dense material.

    Cake Box Making Process:

    Схема для коробки-торта

    • берем шаблон и переносим его на выбранный материал,
    • после переноса, вырезаем заготовки,
    • dotted, because the material is of high density, and it’s difficult to bend, use a credit card or a ruler to iron,
    • glue the bottom and top of the product at the joints.

    The whole box is ready, if desired or necessary, it can be decorated. Why often use ribbons, beads, flowers and applications.

    Heart shaped box

    You can give such a box to your soulmate for a holiday significant for lovers. There are several manufacturing options, but it’s more logical to try with the simplest ones. For the first, you need a finished drawing.

    Paper Product Formation:

    1. Cut the layout.
    2. Bend along the dashed lines.
    3. The edges of the strip secure the arcs with a friend.
    4. The box is ready.

    But there is one problem - the attachment of a large strip and the bases - hearts. You can use glue, stationery tape (multi-colored), a needle and a colored thread (suitable only for stitching dense materials), or you can add a layer of a line with spikes that would support the structure, as will be done in the second version.

    The next model is an openwork heart with tight fasteners, how to make it:

    1. Draw a lace or a simple (optional) heart, cut it out.
    2. Prepare a rectangular strip, the width of which is the height of the future box. Form spikes on one side. This band should be enough for the whole heart. To cut.
    3. Bend the "spikes" in one straight line, as shown in the figure.
    4. Glue them to the base (heart). If it is of normal shape, then you can not step back from the edge, but if it is curly, it is better to leave a small distance.
    5. The box is ready.

    A heart-shaped lid can also be made to it. It is enough to take the base slightly larger than the previous one, and a strip of smaller width, literally 2-3 times. If you plan to put something edible there, then simply cover it with cling film and bandage it on the sides with a beautiful ribbon or ribbon.

    Herringbone box

    New Year is considered a holiday in which everyone gives gifts to each other. To beautifully present a present to friends or relatives for the holiday, many acquire New Year's packaging. But why spend money on it, if you can independently make a box in the shape of a Christmas tree.
    This craft will be exclusive and anyone will like it. How to make a box of paper in the form of a Christmas tree, we now will describe in detail.

    To create such a festive box you need to prepare:

    • green paper, but better double-sided colored cardboard,
    • tongs for holes,
    • christmas tree template,
    • square and ruler,
    • scissors,
    • pencil eraser
    • pencil,
    • stationery glue.

    To decorate the finished crafts, you can use beads, rhinestones and other decorating elements at your discretion. Beads can imitate Christmas balls, rhinestones will act as Christmas lights. If you are lucky, you can get a small asterisk for the top in the needlework department. The Christmas tree will become elegant and festive. By the way, you can attract a child to manufacture, it will be interesting to him.

    Production is carried out in this way:

    Herringbone Box (Step 1)

    • using the finished template, it must be transferred to the green cardboard, but in such a way that there are ears on the sides that are necessary for the symmetry of the craft,
    • the bottom of the outlined template is the bottom of the box,

    (Step 2)

  • turn the paper over and carry the template again to get the same pattern, it is advisable to use a square and a ruler,
  • after that we cut out a pattern with scissors,
  • erase a pencil with an elastic
  • glue the joints of the Christmas tree.

    (Step 3)

    All Christmas tree is ready, it remains to decorate and give it.

    Origami box without lid

    Manufacturing according to mock-ups is not the main trend in the practice of designing packages; you can make them by folding. Many needlewomen know how to make a paper box using the origami technique, but this is one of the simple options.

    Assembly steps:

    • Prepare a square of any size, depending on the desired result.
    • Bend it in half to obtain a central horizontal line. Return to starting position.

    • Attach the top and bottom sides to the newly received center line.
    • This will make a rectangle.
    • Its sides are reduced to the center. Expand to keep the same rectangle.
    • Get the lines in the center of the individual squares. To them you need to draw the sides again and part them back.
    • You will get a rectangle in which 2 large squares, each of which consist of 4 more small ones.
    • The corners of the rectangle or extreme small squares need to be bent to the center horizontal line, leaving some free space or not completely closing the small squares (extreme 4).

    • Next, you need to bend 2 strips from the center into triangles, as is done in the figure.
    • Now you need to expand the box by pulling on the points that are indicated in the photo under number 7.
    • Gift wrapping is ready.

    This option is suitable for a set of gifts or sweets, for example, sweets or marshmallows. The sides can be decorated with braid.

    Special Occasion Box

    Why did we call this box a “special occasion box”? The fact is that her appearance is like a diamond. Just think how nice it is to present a gift in the form of a tie to a man in such packaging material.

    Special Occasion Box

    Before making such a box of paper, prepare:

    • scissors,
    • any color paper
    • sewing needle
    • ruler
    • glue,
    • double-sided tape.

    Getting started:

    • The first thing we need to do is print the template. It is not necessary, you can simply redraw it. We will need two templates, one large, the other smaller. You need to draw a template or print it immediately on the paper from which the box will be made.
    • Cut out a pattern with scissors. We attach a card or ruler to the received lines and gently draw them with a needle. You can use a special jogging tool.
    • We need this running process so that we can assemble the diamond as a whole during the manufacturing process. Please note that each line needs to be processed.
    • Let's deal with the assembly of the structure. There are several options for this step. You can glue the edges of the workpiece and glue the first part of the figure, you can use adhesive tape instead of glue.
    • After gluing, iron the pressed lines again. The box is almost ready.

    The interior design of the box depends on what kind of present it will be in. If this ring, preferably on the bottom, put a layer of padding polyester and stick the rest. Our packaging for special occasions is ready!

    Box Sanboy

    Consider another option for making boxes using the Sanboy technique. In the original version, this packaging was used as a container for sweets. Today, in this box, various pleasant little things are stored.

    For manufacturing, we need a square sheet.

      To get started, let's create a “pancake” (basics). Fold the paper, then bend and rotate all the corners to the center.

    Box diagram of Sanboy

  • Once again, bend the shape into a triangle. We bend the right part and turn over the workpiece.
  • Now you need to make a fold "valley". This fold is called so because the fold is carried out from a person. Then fold the triangle again. The fold in this case should protrude to the top.
  • Without changing the position, we straighten the workpiece and bend the side from right to left. Open the layer on top. We repeat the actions indicated above, but already, on the other hand. In this case, the side on the left should bend to the right.
  • Fold all the sides to the center. We bend the top layer, make sure that the angles between the sides are 90 degrees.
  • If the training seemed to you difficult, use the visual instruction, you will see that everything is not so difficult.

    Box of zunako

    Continuing to consider Japanese motifs, one cannot help but mention the original Zunako box. This box, which in the Russian version has the shape of a star. To work, as with the previous box, we need a square sheet of paper.

    1. We bend the square into a triangle, push the side edges apart so that the lines below are on the same plane, make two bends from the apart edges, push the layers back and fold them “slide” 2. Fold and unbend the base below to get a triangle, repeat this action three times. 3. Spread the layers, make several folds and press on the bottom of the workpiece.

    Male style

    For men, there should be a special option - brutal. Separately, you need to make a box and jewelry for it - a bow tie or tie. It is advisable to make packaging in the form of a suit of color or white. But don't overdo it with shades.

    Schemes how to make a box of paper for men

    Working process:

    1. Prepare a layout.
    2. Cut out the details.
    3. Fold as the dotted lines in the image are located.
    4. Separately make a tie or bow tie from colored paper.
    5. Glue the box and decoration.

    This option does not require any additional decorations.

    Female style

    Sometimes it is difficult to surprise a girl with something, but do-it-yourself gift wrapping and surprise is the best solution. A diamond package will help to hide a ring or other jewelry there, but you need to be prepared for the fact that this is what the girl will intuitively expect at the sight of the box.

    Packing Instruction:

    1. Cut the finished form out of cardboard. Use color.
    2. Fold the blank along the lines.
    3. Glue parts together (adjacent).
    4. You also need to leave one compartment not glued to open.
    5. Done.
    How to make a box of paper in the shape of a diamond: step by step

    Decorating the finished product is not required, but you can add a thread or chain on which the diamond will hang.

    How to make a box of paper for your child, parents who want to make a gift with their own hands can think about it. Children love everything bright, color, so in this option it is better to use as many decorations as possible. The ideal option is a basket or candy.

    For the basket:

    1. Make a cross of 5 squares.
    2. Using a hole punch, pierce the edges of the hole.
    3. Tie them with a ribbon or thread.
    4. Add a pen of any material to choose from.

    You can put a little surprise in the basket - a typewriter, a toy, a sweetness. A box in the shape of a candy - packaging for sweets.


    1. Make a template.
    2. Cut rhombuses.
    3. Fold the blank along the dotted lines.
    4. Tie the edges with ribbons.
    Scheme, how to make a box of paper in the form of candy

    Sweets and candies must be packed in this package.

    Box with photos

    An ideal gift for your soulmate is a box with joint photos.

    You can do it like this:

    1. Fold the box in one of the forms that were previously proposed.
    2. Glue A4 sheets together. The width should be slightly larger than the photograph.
    3. Fold them in accordion, one strip of which is the height of the photo + small indents.
    4. Stick photos.
    5. Glue A4 edges (lower and upper) to the bottom and cover (respectively).
    6. Fold the accordion and close the package.
    7. The gift is ready.

    The advantage of this box is that it is already a full-fledged gift, completely made independently.

    Origami lockable box

    Even a child with the help of parents can make this option. You only need colored paper or a plain sheet.


    • Fold the square so that horizontal and vertical lines are formed.
    • The edges bring to the center to get a rhombus.
    • Bend the bottom side into the background.
    • Pull the lower right corner in the opposite direction. Fold along the dotted line.
    • Smooth the shape.
    • Flip over.
    • Bend in the same way.
    • Straighten down.
    • Flip over.
    • Repeat.
    • Bend and expand as shown.
    • Draw the sides on the dashed lines.

    • Move the upper triangles down.
    • Dilute to the sides, holding onto the corners.
    • Done.

    You can glue some parts if necessary, but when using thicker paper, the box holds its shape.

    Surprise clamshell

    This option is a good solution as a full-fledged gift for those who want to know how to make a beautiful DIY box for a gift. Required: multi-colored sheets of paper or cardboard, ribbons, jewelry, glue, scissors.

    Stages of preparation:

    • Cut a layout in the shape of a cross, which consists of 5 squares - this is the box itself.
    • You can do several, then it will be multilayer, but the layers need to be reduced in size.
    • For the cover use the layout shown below. It is enough to cut it and glue it along the adjacent parts.
    • Now the box can be assembled, but before that you need to add decorations to the walls: photos, notes, drawings or small gifts.

    • In the center should be a surprise. It can be fixed with a ribbon (holes are made at the bottom) or with adhesive tape (color clerical).
    • The packaging is assembled, closed with a lid.
    • Next is added decoration with sparkles and any other decor.

    In such a surprise, you can hide the ring and make an offer to your girlfriend.

    Jewelry for boxes

    In addition to the finished layouts themselves, it is worth thinking about the appearance of the packaging.

    It can be decorated with:

    • stickers
    • satin ribbons and iron chains,
    • sequin
    • color stationery tape,
    There are many ideas for decorating a paper box, and one of them is decorating with paper flowers.
    • drawings and inscriptions,
    • volumetric flowers, bows and toys,
    • parts made independently (hearts).

    All the proposed options will help you understand how to make a beautiful box of paper yourself. Decorating the finished product is a whole fantasy experiment. You can use anything you like, even wrapping paper or bags.

    Article design: Natalie Podolskaya