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How to remove free protection from a pdf file for editing and printing


Hello friends! The article will discuss ways to remove protection from pdf format. You will need to remove protection from PDF in cases when editing and printing a file is prohibited. And for mobile devices, such a ban does not even allow you to open PDF. There are several methods to solve the problem that occurs with files downloaded from the Internet, such as books.

There are several ways to reset your password. Some of them imply the need to use third-party software or services. But there are also methods for which you do not need to download anything else or visit unfamiliar sites.

User Password Reset

Some users try to just reset the password, since it does not allow you to perform the necessary actions for another user. This type of password prohibits not only editing and printing the file, but also viewing it.

One way is to use programs that automatically select a password, but such utilities do not always give the expected result. Such a program will not be able to pick up if the password is complex. The speed of password guessing will depend on the performance of the computer, so this method is not suitable for weak systems.

Passcovery suite

The program works with most of the available archives and documents, including PDF. Runs only on a PC running Windows. For operation, the utility uses the resources of a video card to speed up the process of selecting suitable passwords. But the program is paid, and the cost is $ 199.

To use it for free, developers provide the opportunity to test for half an hour. This will determine if the program can pick up a password for a specific file. But due to restrictions, the user will be provided with only the first two characters, which may be sufficient in some cases, password selection.

Cisdem PDF Password Remover 3

A utility that will help you get file access for Apple product owners with macOS operating system. It works on the principle of selecting a suitable password, a similar method is used in the Passcovery Suite program.

To use, you need to drag the protected PDF file and select “Forgot”. If you have any guesses (characters, number of characters, special characters), then you can specify them to reduce the base for finding a suitable password. To confirm the action, click "Decrypt".

Minus the program is the duration of password guessing. Complex combinations can be selected within a few days. A lightweight digital is detected after a few minutes.

For free use, the program is suitable only for those users who need the first five pages of the file. To unlock all you have to buy the program for $ 35.

Free PDF Unlocker

The program works on the principle of password recovery, not its removal. To use the program you need to select a file, specify the path to save and start the process. Due to the fact that the program selects passwords, the process can take a long time.

You also need to consider that the Cyrillic alphabet may not be displayed correctly due to the fact that the program was not adapted for the Russian language. But the utility is completely free.

How to remove protection from PDF format in Google Chrome

The first way, which requires only a browser from Google. To remove protection from a PDF file, you need to start Chrome, open Google Docs and upload the necessary document to Google Drive. After downloading it, you must open it in Google Docs, you need to click on the printer icon or save the contents along the path “Download as” => “PDF document”.

Such free way allows you to create a new PDF file with the necessary information, which will no longer be blocked for the user. It can be edited through any PFD editor and printed.

Online services to remove protection from a pdf file

In order to reset the author’s password, you can refer to many different online services. All of them will work on the same algorithm, so there will not be much difference.

When using, you will need to drag and drop the file you need to remove protection, and then confirm the right to unlock. After the service has completed its work, the file can be saved to Google Drive, and then start editing or printing.

A similar service is provided by, and others. The principle of work is identical for everyone.

Like all similar services, it is easy to use. To do this, open the “PDF Unlock” section from the top line and click on the green “Select ...” button.

Next, you need to select the file that you want to unlock. After loading, you need to click "Unlock" and the process will begin.

Ready unlocked file can be downloaded.

Unlock pdf

Another representative of online services that can easily unlock PDF. For use, you do not need to register on the site. To enter the file you need to unlock, click "Choose file" or drag it into the "Drop PDF here" field. After you need to agree to the terms and click "Unlock PDF!"

After that, you can download the unlocked PDF file.

Copy text from scanned pdf file

If the PDF file does not have a lock, but the editing and printing procedures are still unavailable, then it is highly likely that all pages are simply scanned sheets.

To create such PDFs, scanners or cameras are used, after which the resulting images are inserted into the file. To get a text version, you need to use programs that can recognize text from pictures.

How to remove protection from pdf format in FineReader

The program from ABBYY allows you to extract text from a PDF file. You need to drag the file into the program window, after which the text recognition will begin. The result can be saved or copied to TXT or DOC or DOCX.

The program itself is paid, but users can use the online version. To do this, you need to register on the service, after which 10 pages will be available for recognition.

As alternative programs, but with completely free functionality, use: Office Lens, Adobe Scan, Free OCR to Word, Online OCR, Free OCR.

Unrestrict PDF

A shareware program that provides the ability to use a demo version with truncated functionality, which will only allow you to familiarize yourself with the presence of existing restrictions.

Only works with Acrobat 9 and higher files. It is used to decrypt passwords 128 and 256 bits. You just need to insert the file and press "Unlock" without having to enter a password.

How to remove protection using GuaPDF

The program can be used without paying for small files. If you need to decrypt the book, you will need to buy the official version. GuaPDF not only removes the password, it can recover it, but only with 40-bit encryption. Removing passwords is possible even if they are created by 256-AES encryption.
For use, the file to be unlocked is selected, after which the process starts automatically. The user receives the result instantly if it is necessary to remove the password. When it is restored, you will have to wait some time.

Which program or server to remove the password from a pdf file, choose - it's up to you. And that's all for today. I liked the article, do not be lazy to share it with your friends on social networks. But, and to always be up to date with the latest news on my blog, be sure to subscribe to the updates. See you on my blog.