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Collect, present and eat: do-it-yourself cheese bouquet


  • - a computer (laptop) with at least 1 GB of RAM,
  • - headphones.

A lot of people in our country love to sing and play music. There is no need to go far for confirmation: the popularity of karaoke bars speaks for itself. But for those who want to try their hand not only in a drunken stupor, bawling "A glass of vodka on the table", but more seriously, especially if this person is endowed with musical ear and some kind of poetic gift, this article can be useful.

I’ll say a few words about myself so that the person reading this material understands that I’m writing it all not from floundering, not from reading a recitative and downloading some rap music from the Internet and decided to send my “creation” to the masses, thinking that it will be interesting to someone. Perhaps this will be interesting for his friends, but it is unlikely to be of interest to someone who distinguishes between “before” and “fa”, has an idea of ​​“major” and “minor”, ​​of elementary musical harmonies.

What is most important is to have a small idea of ​​the musical sizes (the vast majority of songs are written in 4/4 size) and measures, to know at least an elementary beat. You also need to know at least a little note size (whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth).

I’ll say right away: if you want to record a guitar or an electric guitar, it is better to have this instrument available. If the same violins, piano, bass and percussion can be selected from the base of the musical program instruments, then the guitar sounds are very distantly reminiscent of the original sound.

First you need to install a music sequencer on your computer, that is, a program for writing music. The most affordable, in my opinion, FL Studio, it can be downloaded without problems from the Internet, from the same torrents. More professional programs such as Kubais, Sonar, Kontakt, etc. so just do not download. Yes, and to nothing, if you just decided to try your hand at writing music at home. And the requirements of FL Studio are minimal: even on a simple computer with a built-in sound card with a small RAM, you can create some kind of musical sketches.

I repeat, you need to know at least the musical basics: notes, measures, sizes.
But immediately make a reservation: the sound quality in FL Studio is very doubtful. With the help of various adjustments of the built-in mixer, you can enrich them with volume, but still at the “output” the sound leaves much to be desired. Before you start creating, decide what size the melody will be.

In the Kick section, select the first, fifth and ninth elements with the mouse - this will be the beginning of each measure. Then click on the play button and listen to the bit. In the speed box (in the picture above, with a value of 130.00), use the mouse to select the desired value.

I propose to leave the drummers in a separate piece - the “pattern”. Remember that for further editing, it is more convenient for you to make each tool in a separate "pattern". Let's say bass (you can find it by clicking in the list of instruments, which is located on the left in the "Packs" button). This section contains percussion instruments, bass, violins and much more. But if you first discovered FL for yourself, then there is no point in bothering further.

So, in the picture by the window with the speed window (where the value is 130.00) on the right there is another window with the number 1. This will be your first pattern. Use the mouse to change it to 2 and look for the tool you want to select in the “Packs” tab. Then, change the number in the window to "3", "4", etc.

Turn on the fantasy

Before you start making your bouquet, put all the cheese in the refrigerator for about one hour so that it hardens a little. Otherwise, it will be too soft, begin to melt, release fat and may become deformed.

Cheese can be cut in the form of triangles or squares - to whom and as you like. But first, compose your bouquet mentally to understand what the final result will be.

If you are going to use multi-colored cheese, then think about how the colors in the bouquet will be arranged. You can buy green cheese with pesto, orange with chili or blue with lavender, because today there is a huge selection of different cheeses on store shelves with which you can create a vivid composition.

We collect a cheese bouquet

Sliced ​​pieces should not be too small and thin, as they can break during operation. Put each piece of cheese on a wooden skewer, but there is also its own technology.

It is necessary to pierce the cheese slowly, exactly in the middle and not very deep. Otherwise, cracks may form in the product, after a while such cheese will fall apart, and the bouquet will have to be redone.

If gaps have formed between the pieces of cheese in the bouquet, they can be filled with nuts, grapes, and other berries.

The finished bouquet does not need to be put in water - it is better to give and eat it as soon as possible!

The main advantages of an edible bouquet

The composition is usually created from fruits, vegetables, berries and other food products.

The process of creating an edible bouquet, first of all, begins with the selection of the main ingredients

They should be fresh and appropriate to the preferences of the donee. Edible bouquet has the following advantages before a standard flower competitor:

  • such a gift can be safely given not only to women, but also to men, regardless of age,
  • it’s easy to do at home on your own,
  • a vegetable or fruit bouquet always looks unique and spectacular in any size, while the present is very useful,
  • the gift is practical, since all its ingredients are suitable for consumption,
  • this option is cheaper than a regular bouquet of flowers.

How to make an edible bouquet with your own hands for a man?

The best option for any man is a bouquet from fish or chips.

Everyone can make delicious bouquets for men with their own hands, since this will not require special skills

In recent years, the basic technology for making such a gift has been developed. The donor must purchase:

  • dried fish
  • bamboo skewers (sold at every supermarket),
  • awl,
  • satin ribbon,
  • wrapping paper (kraft),
  • Scotch.

Workshop on the manufacture of men's edible bouquet:

  1. First need fix fish on skewers with adhesive tape. Hot glue is also suitable.
  2. Now you need to collect and pack a fish bouquet from blanks. From fish create compositionthen measure the length of the resulting bouquet. This is required in order to cut the wrapping paper of the correct size.
  3. Cut a few squares. Fix one at the very base of the bouquet, while the skewers should not be visible. Wrap paper tightly with tape. Put the rest of the craft squares around the entire bouquet and tie with a satin ribbon.
  4. A cool bouquet of fish with your own hands is ready. If desired, the donor may add edible composition other snacks, for example, dried squid, nuts, sausages, etc.

Bouquet of dried fish

A bunch of chips is a little more complicated than a fish. For this, the donor will need more time and patience.

  • corrugated paper roll,
  • different types of chips
  • wrapping paper
  • hunting sausages,
  • hot peppers,
  • lemon, rosemary,
  • satin ribbon.

  1. Take corrugated paper, roll it into a tube and cut into thin lines. Mix the resulting workpiece in your hand. They will be used as the basics of the bouquetThanks to which it will look brighter and more magnificent. You can use paper in one or more colors.
  2. Come up with a composition. All ingredients must be organically combined with each other.
  3. From wrapping paper to make bouquet frame. Best to use craft. It looks neutral and is also the thickest option for wrapping paper.
  4. Fill the frame with corrugated paper and edible ingredients. Using tape lock the bouquet at the base and tie a bow.

Photo of a cool bunch of food for men

Making a bouquet of products for a woman

A delicious bouquet of food for a woman - an original gift option for a birthday or March 8

Unlike men, fair sex prefer sweet presents. It’s best for a woman to present bouquet of fruits and berries. Even a beginner can make such a composition, since making a gift does not require much time and effort.

The donor must purchase:

  • bananas, tangerines, peaches, lemons, apricots, apples,
  • strawberries, raspberries, strawberries,
  • large decorative leaves
  • iron skewers
  • decoration elements
  • wire
  • wrapping paper
  • basket
  • satin ribbon.

Step-by-step instructions for making a bouquet of food:

  1. First prepare basis for a bouquet. To do this, fill the entire inside of the basket with wrapping paper, the sides of which need to be fluffed with scissors. In a circle around the basket, lay out decorative leaves. They visually add volume to the bouquet.
  2. Gradually start to string pre-sliced ​​berries and fruits. Skewers must be evenly inserted into the ingredients. On one piece, 4-6 blanks can be placed. Fruits and berries should alternate among themselves, but at the same time be suitable for taste. You will need to make a lot of edible "flowers" so that they can completely fill the basket.
  3. Ready composition is needed decorate with decor and tie a satin ribbon bow on the handle.

Photo of an edible bouquet for a man with his own hands

If desired, the donor can make fruit and berry bouquet in chocolate, for example, in milk or white. To do this, you must pre-melt the sweetness in a separate bowl in a water bath. After that, dip the skewers with the products in chocolate, and sprinkle coconut flakes on top. The blanks are placed in the refrigerator until completely cooled. Such a bouquet is best given in the cold season, as chocolate melts very quickly in the warmth. A woman will definitely appreciate such a gift and enjoy a delicious dessert.

Edible bouquet - a nice and tasty gift that you can give to everyone, regardless of gender and age

This option is gradually gaining popularity in Russia and is in no way inferior to the floral counterpart. It can be easily made at home from any ingredients. The main thing is that they are fresh and meet the preferences of the hero of the occasion. For men, small compositions of fish and chips are suitable, and for women, sweet versions of fruits and berries.

You can learn how to make a meat bouquet with your own hands by watching the video: