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How to find out where a convict by name is sitting?


By at least 8 signs, you will almost unmistakably learn about whether a person was in prison? Just do not make hasty conclusions. All individually.

Before publishing the article in the public domain, I visited exactly 11 forums.

Some statements seemed to me weakly reliable.

But those that you read may indicate that a particular person belongs to the criminal world.

* The most common symptom is tattoos on the body of a former convict. And everything would be fine if it weren’t for the fashion to steepen in battered salons.

* If a person was sitting, then in his manner of communicating thieves can sometimes be traced, unfamiliar to you. This habit, they say, is very difficult to break.

* You distinguish the jailer, noticing that he brews himself too strong tea. And he categorically refuses coffee.

* Excessive politeness inherent in a particular criminal caste (to rub oneself in trust). But watch the gaze: tenacity, grip can be traced in it, as if a person was drilling through them with you.

* Another distinguishing feature is a gait with arms crossed behind his back.

* A person sitting in prison (not everyone) smokes, according to old memory, inexpensive cigarettes, going into an incessant dry cough and spitting out difficult sputum.

* Not always, but freed people, in your absence, can afford, so to speak, to pick up an interesting thing in order to determine its value by eye. I am by no means saying that they want to pocket her. This happens uncontrollably, automatically. And if you are sure that, say, the watch does not lie where it should be, you can take the sin into our hearts.

* To find out if a person was in prison or not, try talking on a camp topic. For example: out, the neighbor’s sidekick recently leaned back, saying that he was an authority on the zone. I wonder if he breshet or not? Usually, former criminals try not to play a joke about jail time. But there is a chance to hook him.

In any case, take your time to label. All signs should be considered together, and not separately. Then the probability of making a mistake will be negligible.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.

Is it possible to find a person in prison by last name?

First of all, you should find out the following information about the convict:

  1. Surname, name, patronymic,
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of Birth,
  4. Special examples
  5. Date and reason for detention
  6. The number of the criminal article under which the prisoner was convicted.

Next, you need to find out in which colony the convict should be located. There are two types of prisons in Russia:

The main type of prisons in which criminals sentenced to lengthy imprisonment serve a term of 1 year.

Designed for serving sentences by people sentenced to short term in prison (from several weeks to several months). There may also be people awaiting sentencing.

Is it possible to find out where the convict is sitting on the Internet?

So, how do you know in which prison a person is sitting on the Internet, knowing only his name and personal data? Internet search engines and official sites of correctional institutions will come to the rescue. In this case, you need to find the offsite of the district or federal prison located in the region where the convict was detained. If you do not have this information, you can try to find a person in the prison in the region of his residence.

  • District prisons (if the term of imprisonment does not exceed 12 months)

District prisons try to run their own databases, where you can find out where the convict is sitting. However, the data in it is minimized, and a prisoner is searched only by his name and date of birth.

By going to the district jail's website, information about the prisoner is entered in the search menu: full name, date of birth and date of imprisonment. If you fail to find out where the prisoner is located, you can try your luck on the prison sites of neighboring districts.

  • Federal prisons (the term of imprisonment of a convicted person of one year or more)

To find out which colony a person is in, you need to go to the official website of the Federal Prison Administration of the Russian Federation. Here you can find where the convict is sitting, by last name, regardless of which region he was detained because the site contains all the data on absolutely all federal prisons of the Russian Federation. Search on the site is carried out according to the standard algorithm, identical to the search on the sites of district prisons.

So, if you need to find out where a convict by last name sits online, then you must follow the following algorithm:

  1. Find out the personal data of the prisoner,
  2. Find out the term of imprisonment to which he was sentenced,
  3. Go to the official website of the Federal Prison Administration of the Russian Federation or the district prison in your region,
  4. In the search on the site specify the information about the prisoner.

As a rule, this search does not cause any particular difficulties. True, often the data on the prisoner cannot be made publicly available so as not to violate the norms of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On the detention of suspects and accused of crimes”.

Updates on the sites of correctional institutions take from one day to a week, so be patient and update the search query daily.

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Special Services and Services

To find out which prison a person is in, you can use the services of specialized services that provide information about where the convict is sitting. However, their data is also limited by the above Federal Law that personal information and data on the place of detention of convicted or suspected of committing a crime cannot be made publicly available for public disclosure.

There are no specialized services for searching where the convict is sitting in Russia and cannot be according to the law prohibiting the publication of such data on prisoners in the public domain.

However, despite such a ban, you can always use the standard search, like Google, Yandex and other systems that are most convenient for you. To do this, you can enter in the search query in the browser:

  • Passport data of the convict,
  • Name of convict
  • Sentence Article
  • Details and address of the location of the court,
  • Nome criminal case,
  • Name of the judge.

Such inquiries can help you find documents that are publicly available, such as a court sentence, cassation appeal, and other court documents. If you take the time to search, it is quite possible in one of these documents you will find the exact address of the correctional institution where the convict is sitting.

Find a convict through a police station

Of course, if you want to know where the convict is sitting, you can simply contact the nearest police station.

Only the closest relatives and lawyers can find out the address of the prison where the convict is sitting, through the police station.

So, so that the officers of the law enforcement department meet you and provide information on his whereabouts, you need to submit documents confirming your kinship. They will also need:

  1. Passport details of the prisoner,
  2. Criminal Case Number
  3. Date of detention.

According to the information received, they will send a request to the internal database of all prisoners and will be able to give you the identification number of the prisoner and the address of the prison where he is serving his sentence.

Find a convict through a correctional facility

So, you know in which region the sentence was pronounced and has a list of prisons suitable for your relative to serve the sentence. Now you can find out where the convict is sitting, turning directly to that prison, which is the alleged location of the prisoner. You can contact the correctional administration with:

  1. Personal appeal
  2. Email,
  3. Telephone connection
  4. By registered mail.

You can also ask for help from the bailiffs of the territorial branch of the FSSP or the police station in whose territory the convict was taken into custody. For appeal, you will also need the passport details of the convict and the date of his detention.

It is most effective to turn to a lawyer for help, since police officers are more likely to make contact with them than with “heartbroken” relatives.

In addition, the lawyer will be able not only to send inquiries to various state authorities in order to find out where the convict is sitting, but also to continue communication between him and his relatives, as well as to seek their meeting and transfer of food and personal items.

A small life hack: to quickly find out where the convicted relative is sitting, you can tell a law enforcement representative that you are looking for a missing relative.

We draw your attention to the fact that the legislation of Russia is constantly changing and the information written by us may be outdated. In order to resolve your question regarding the Criminal Law, we advise you to seek legal advice in support of the site.

Ways to get data

How to find out if a person was in prison? There are many ways to do this. And each person chooses how to receive relevant data.

Today, you can pay attention to such methods of solving the problem:

  • appeal to law enforcement agencies,
  • analysis of human appearance,
  • assessment of citizen behavior.

In the end, a person can simply ask the “suspect” what is bothering him. True, this alignment is not always reliable. No one is safe from fraud.

Evaluate appearance

Imprisonment is a punishment for a serious crime. In real life, anyone can be imprisoned, even innocent (which happens very rarely). And if a citizen is not guilty, but has served time, it will still negatively affect his future life.

Often people with a criminal record can be easily identified by their appearance. For example, such citizens have prison tattoos. Stars on shoulder straps, half-naked women, their own name in Russian - all this may indicate that the potential suspect was already in prison.

Tattoos are most often done on the arms, fingers and chest. Tattoos are usually made carelessly, they are devoid of beauty. And they are quite simple to distinguish from work in a tattoo parlor.

A citizen can simply look at the "suspect." The appearance of a person who has served a term changes over time. Especially when it comes to a criminal who has seriously violated the law.

Outwardly, a person may look like a bandit. Stoop, hoarse voice, a certain external untidiness - all this can indicate that the person had a serious criminal record. Departed people do not look after themselves. Appearance for them is not a major factor in life.

From all of the above it follows that it is best to look for prison tattoos from the suspect. In ordinary tattoo parlors they are not made. And to distinguish such tattoos can often be with the naked eye.

Behavioral factors

How to find out if a person was in prison? The next way is to conduct an analysis of citizen behavior.

Some claim that a person who has served a term has changed his speech. You can come across phrases such as "little things", "lawlessness", "cast" and so on. Sometimes people not only start using prison jargon, but also completely lose their speech literacy.

The behavior of the convicted may be different. Some are extremely aggressive, assertive. This behavior can scare and alienate almost anyone.

Some believe that the previously convicted would avoid eye-to-eye contact, behave wary and very neat. The seated people appear anxious and nervous. Such changes are clearly visible in the company of men.

Important! The methods of determining a criminal record proposed up to this point cannot be called reliable. After all, appearance and behavior are deceiving. Therefore, you often have to look for reliable, documented information.

Appeal to the authorities

How to find out if a person was in prison? The most logical and correct decision is to appeal to law enforcement agencies. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can “break through” any person without any problems. The databases of the relevant authorities contain data on convicted and under investigation people.

As a rule, to obtain the desired result you need:

  1. Prepare a series of documents. It is advisable to have with you an identity card and the grounds on which a person will be verified. Just like that, information about a citizen’s criminal record is not provided to third parties.
  2. Contact any department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This can be done both remotely (by mail, including electronic), and personally.
  3. Wait for the relevant data. The service is provided as soon as possible.
  4. You don’t have to do anything else. If desired, a citizen can apply not to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, but to the local police station. They are also able to help. But only if there are grounds for disseminating data on the criminal record of the population.

Important! At local police stations, you can see advertisements for the search for criminals. So, too, sometimes a criminal record is checked. It is possible that a photograph of a potential suspect will be posted on the information board.

Base redeeming

There are several other scenarios. Information about the criminal record of citizens is stored in law enforcement agencies. Data is collected in a special database. According to it, you can get relevant information at any time about when and for what this or that suspect was tried.

Some prefer to buy databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Then the resellers look for information of interest to them by last name, first name and patronymic of the suspect. It is advisable to know where the person is registered. This will greatly facilitate the process. Information about the age of the potential intruder will also not be superfluous.

Such a proposal can be considered illegal. Buying databases is a violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, resorting to a similar method of solving the problem is not recommended.

Moreover, the proposed method for translating ideas into reality is not always reliable. Data on the convicted is updated daily. And so the database reseller risks acquiring outdated information. In this case, the citizen simply spends money, and rather big.

Help is requested

How to find out if a person was in prison? Under the law, citizens are required to notify this event under certain circumstances. For example, during employment.

If you want to know about the criminal record of a person, you can ask him to bring a certificate of the established form. It indicates the criminal record and dates of stay in places of deprivation of liberty.

The information will be reliable. It loses its relevance when a citizen again breaks the law or gets rid of a criminal record as a whole.

Important! The validity of the relevant certificate varies from 1 to 12 months. It all depends on the reason why the documentation is ordered.

Ways to order an extract

Now let's talk about how to order a certificate of no criminal record. This is the simplest and most reliable way of assuring a person that the person did not stay in prison.

You can submit a request of the established form:

  • through the MFC,
  • through the services of "Single Window",
  • by direct appeal to the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The application is ideally submitted to those who want to check for a criminal record. Then the procedure will go much faster than “punching” the population.

If desired, a person can order a certificate of no criminal record through the "State Services". But for this, it is necessary to register in advance on the portal and confirm your identity. Otherwise, you can forget about this method.

Self Help Order

We will examine in more detail the procedure for issuing criminal records. This is a fairly simple operation that anyone can face. Regardless of a criminal record, the process will be carried out according to the same principles.

First of all, consider a personal appeal to the registration authorities. In such circumstances, the applicant will need:

  1. Fill out an application for the issuance of a certificate of criminal record or its availability.
  2. To prepare a number of papers, without which obtaining documentation will be impossible. Usually this is a passport and certificate of registration.
  3. Contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police or the IFC with pre-prepared extracts.
  4. Take a certificate at the agreed time, which will indicate the information we are interested in.
  5. As practice shows, the process does not cause any difficulties. Especially if a person has no criminal record.

Important! In the absence of a passport, any other identification card must be attached. Otherwise, the service will be denied.

Requesting a statement online

We found out how to find out if a person was in prison. If you prepare in advance for this operation, you can easily cope with it.

As has already been emphasized, citizens can order an extract of the established form from the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the State Services. This technique greatly simplifies the entire procedure.

The algorithm of actions will turn out approximately like this:

  1. Открыть в любом браузере сайт
  2. Пройти авторизацию на соответствующем портале.
  3. Кликнуть по строчке «Каталог услуг».
  4. In the search bar write “Certificate of no criminal record”.
  5. Select the appropriate result.
  6. Mark the region in which the customer lives. It is displayed in the upper right corner of the page.
  7. Click on the button “Receive. ".
  8. Fill out the application electronically.
  9. Choose the place of delivery of the certificate, if possible. Such a right is not granted in all regions of the Russian Federation.
  10. Click on the “Send” Coca.

It remains only to wait. As soon as the extract is ready, the citizen will be able to pick it up at the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Is there a criminal record in the passport? No. In this document you can see data on children, marital status, registration and service of a person. But a criminal record is not displayed in the passports of the Russian Federation.