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What surprise can be made for a loved one?


Almost every girl at least once faced with the question of what to present to her soulmate on any occasion. And such holidays are not so few, and the winter is especially troublesome, where everything begins with the New Year, continues with Valentine's Day and ends on February 23.

And besides this, do not forget about the birthday, anniversary and many other dates on which you want to surprise your beloved man. In this article we want to help you with these difficult choice of a gift, after which your men will be more than satisfied.

Rules for choosing gifts for men

The main thing is the effect of surprise

Let's start with a small number of rules that will help make the gift for your man as pleasant as possible:

  1. First of all, your surprise should be quite original and in no way predictable; do not do what can be expected from you. For example, you can arrange a romantic evening dinner after a hard day on Monday, which certainly will not leave indifferent your hard worker.
  2. The second rule is non-standard in their actions and originality. This rule is to maximize the transformation of something ordinary into a unique and grandiose event.

Well, of course, one cannot do without contrast and a change of opposite emotions. But here it is worth being very careful and taking the preparatory phase seriously so as not to turn the surprise into a storm of negative emotions and scandal.

Romantic surprises

Guys love romance too

A rather simple and at the same time romantic surprise is massage. But here, preparation is required. You can get by reading a few brochures, but it would be better to attend practical courses. In preparation for this procedure, you can not do without a beautiful erotic outfit and candles in a slightly dim light.

Solitude in a country house or in a country house may well be considered as a no less romantic surprise, but there should be everything there that can turn the time spent into an unforgettable experience. For example, the presence of a jacuzzi, pool or sauna. But do not forget about nature with a cozy place for two and the presence of a river with a beautiful landscape.

The sky lantern has gained high popularity at the present time, and it’s better to use several of them so that you can write general wishes and send them to the sky.

It is enough to simply prepare a romantic surprise even in the bathroom, where you need lush foam, a large number of candles and red lights that only increase sexual desire. It is also recommended to prepare in advance delicate music, fruits with chocolate and champagne or wine.

  • Dedication songs on the radio live.
  • An original certificate with a history of the origin of the surname or name.
  • Treasure search. When choosing such a surprise, you will need to hide it in advance in a park or other suitable place. For example, it can be fruits, wine or other sweets, which are perfect for completing your quest for a picnic in nature.
  • You can not do without a surprise in bed, which directly depends on your stormy imagination. Here you obviously need to do what your man could not expect.

DIY gift

The main thing is to know what a man is fond of

Here the choice is great enough, but the main thing is to invest all your tenderness and warmth. You can tell or even write a beautiful poem yourself on a postcard that you will make with your own hands. You can also take advantage of your culinary skills and cook something delicious.

For real needlewomen, a knitted sweater or scarf is originally presented, for example, in a box with a large beautiful bow. In addition, the box can be filled with colorful balls that will effectively fly into the air when it is opened.

If breakfast in bed is very rare in your couple, then even this procedure with your favorite sandwiches in the form of hearts can be an unforgettable surprise.

Hobbies and hobbies

  • You can not do without fishing, where you can go both together and invite friends.
  • If your boyfriend is a lover of fast driving and adrenaline, a go-kart sports lesson is perfect.
  • Travel lovers can take a guided tour of the cave, where darkness and silence will contribute to your privacy.
  • Horseback riding will also impress your animal lover.
  • For good fun and a storm of emotions, we recommend visiting a water park with steep slides, various attractions and other risky places.
  • You can go diving together.
  • For fans of weapons, a great option would be a trip to the shooting range or to an open shooting range.
  • You can please your car lover with a toy or collectible car, it already depends on the means and desire.

Simple and sincere

DIY gifts are always appreciated

If, for any reason, none of the options listed above suits you, you can pick up one of the following ideas:

  • A pillow with a photograph or a favorite image of your man will be a great gift for a pleasant dream. In addition, you can order a similar surprise in almost all photo shops.
  • The so-called "living mug", which is able to change its image when filled with hot boiling water.
  • A disc with your favorite music artist, movie or series.
  • The inscription on the pavement is all those words that you cannot express in words.
  • For real gamers, a new game will be a good present.
  • Any gift that is absolutely independent of its value and other criteria can be a good surprise. Its main condition is its surprise and enclosed love and warmth.

The instruction is a real find!

Price is not the main thing in surprise!

First you need to determine for yourself exactly what your man gets maximum pleasure from, and it is advisable to have a few options in stock. For example, you can suddenly appear at his workplace and pick him up for a romantic dinner or send him an original message with the words of your feelings.

Important surprises remain at home, where you can please your loved one on a passionate night or even a striptease. Believe me, such actions are remembered by men for a long time and provide a huge amount of pleasant emotions.

A pleasant gift can surprise your man by attaching it to his body and putting on a light robe. For example, you can even take advantage of new erotic lingerie, which, again, will lead you to an unforgettable night of love.

Everyone loves vacation!

An interesting and mysterious surprise is the placement of various messages throughout the apartment in the form of tips that will ultimately lead your lover to a gift. These tips may look like compliments, gentle words, or poems.

Your surprise should be so pleasant and unexpected that it simply becomes speechless. To do this, you can use the box from the refrigerator or a washing machine, paste it with beautiful paper and your joint photos with an attached note. After that, install the box in a conspicuous place and carefully climb inside.

For a more colorful effect, you can use crackers or helium balls. And imagine the moment when your loved one returns home and sees the box, begins to open it, and at that moment you throw it off yourself, release the balls, shoot crackers, hug and kiss your boyfriend tightly. You just have to turn it all into reality.

How to make a cool gift for a guy with your own hands, you will learn from the video:

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Surprise ideas for a beloved birthday

The most important reason for which surprises will be prepared for a loved one is a birthday. It is on this holiday that every loving man expects something unusual. And the mission is assigned to you - to choose a gift that will surprise and delight.

All materials were collected on the basis of forums, opinion polls and real opinions of men.

But before you choose a surprise for a guy for his birthday, you need to understand the basic principles of a male attitude to gifts that you may not have known about:

  • Men do not like abstract gifts, so it should be immediately clear what it is and why it is needed,
  • Non-functional gifts that are unclear how to use, rather irritate the stronger sex than please,
  • Do not try to disguise the necessary things in the house for surprises to the husband for his birthday,
  • Do not give flowers, this is a sign of weakness for them,
  • Beautiful packaging - wasted time and money,
  • No money - he already has it,
  • Decorating with balls and anything else is not for the stronger sex.

90% of men do not like to be given clothes, even if they are super cool. (Opinion poll)

So, let's get down to the most interesting, surprise ideas for a loved one for his birthday.

  1. Gather his friends and arrange an unexpected surprise for your beloved on his birthday when he returns from work, from a store, garage or from somewhere else. Every man loves attention to himself, but here he will be especially numerous, which will make him smile. Immediately there will be a reason to sit at the table and how to celebrate the celebration,
  2. Buy him tickets for football, basketball, etc. However, the main surprise for a loved one will be that you go with him,
  3. Leave the radio a congratulation - he will be pleased that you for the sake of a loved one, ready for anything. It will also be a reason for pride in friends who will listen to congratulations with him. Well, if the congratulatory speech will sound in your voice,
  4. An unexpected surprise for a loved one on his birthday will be a subscription to a single visit to the spa center together. He will not be pleased because he will rejuvenate his skin or make a peeling. He will see what you are doing there, and he will feel it on himself. Believe me, guys always wonder what is going on in the SPA center? Well, if there will be a bathhouse, where will you go after these procedures incomprehensible to him.
  5. Buy erotic underwear for yourself. Believe me, it will be a surprise for a guy on his birthday, and not for you,
  6. A useful accessory is what you need. The main thing is that it is not cheap, because accessories are valued by their name, and not by functionality. This can be a pen, a lighter, a tie clip, a diary, a belt. Other accessories may turn out to be a bad birthday surprise for a loved one,
  7. Gift voucher for not having tried it yet. This can be wakeboard training, paragliding, snowboard rental, bowling. But don't overdo it. No need to give him a certificate for a parachute jump, maybe he has not consciously jumped yet, because he’s afraid
  8. Surprise your beloved birthday with your own hands. It can be anything, the main thing is that your efforts for his sake are noticeable,
  9. And do him a manicure and pedicure, in the end.

If you liked one of the tips or some of them helped to make a choice, tell us about it in the comments!

A romantic surprise to your beloved

Of course, you are a woman, and you want to add a piece of romance to a pragmatic and soulless gift for a man. But be careful, because romantic surprises for a loved one are walking on a razor's edge. Romance for the stronger sex is an unnecessary thing, but with the right approach, it can be very useful.

Remember that by romance, you can express your attention and nothing more. Of course, there are romantic men. But flowers and balls, nevertheless, are needed by women. So what romantic surprise for a husband or boyfriend can be made?

  • Leave the stickers with the words “I love you” on every thing he touches in the morning - he will like such a romantic gift,
  • Make dinner with his favorite dish
  • Take care of him, offer a massage of the back, neck, head. This can be a great prelude to a more romantic surprise for a loved one in bed,
  • Touch it more. This subconscious will indicate your interest and desire to be with him. Believe me, men need it,
  • Give one compliment every 30 minutes. But do not overdo it and do not dissemble. Everything must be honest
  • Bring coffee to bed - it will be an unexpected romantic gift,
  • Make a photo album of his photos that you quietly took during the week. At the bottom there should be a signature: “I always think of you” or something like that. But make sure it’s cool in the pictures,
  • Do-it-yourself romantic gift.

And remember! No flowers, bows, balls, hearts and other female romance! A romantic gift is attention, diligence and love.

What surprises can negatively affect your relationship

There are also surprises for men that can negatively affect relationships. We will tell about them so that you do not get into an awkward situation.

  • Banal socks, a toothbrush and deodorant - all these gifts can only tell about the poor appearance and smell of a man,
  • Alcohol - he can buy this drink for himself, and besides, it is precisely because of him that scandals and separation happen in families,
  • Cowards, even expensive ones, are an individual thing. He must choose his underwear himself, so do not force him to wear unloved underpants,
  • Household items - veiled appliances or utensils can show that you do not reckon with his personality,
  • Cosmetics are an insult to a real man,
  • Money is usually not interesting and commonplace. In addition, he can earn money,
  • Animals - maybe he doesn’t want to start them?
  • You are on a silver platter in erotic lingerie - this is a good addition, but not a substitute for a gift.

If you liked the ideas of how to make a surprise for your beloved, then shared this knowledge with other women who are also tormented with this issue. And waiting for your comments,)