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The maximum metal - "now that you don’t believe in anything, find what you should believe in." When metal began to evolve with Black Sabbath, it challenged society's most basic beliefs about politics, religion, and morality. While the words were expressed in screams and screams, the songs were more than just bloody rhymes. The lyrics embodied the counterculture of those who rejected the free love movement of the 1970s, but could not meet social standards. Instead of considering metal as traditional songs, it’s easier to connect this genre with epic, narrative or dramatic poems. As said, here is the WikiHow guide on how to write metal song lyrics in eight steps.

How to write lyrics?

Let's start with the language in which you write the lyrics. Despite the worldwide popularity of English-language rock bands, advises at the beginning of the creative path of your group write lyrics in a language that most of your listeners can easily understand. Most likely, such groups as, for example, Metallica, would not have become so popular, especially in the USA, if they wrote texts in Russian. The same is true for you.

Even a well-written song in a foreign language will be incomprehensible to the vast majority of listeners, not to mention the fact that beginning groups often perform with equipment, the sound quality of which, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. All this together will turn the words of your song into gibberish incomprehensible to anyone and will nullify all efforts to write the lyrics of the song.

The next element in writing the lyricsthat you should pay attention to is the rhythmic relationship of vowels and the main notes of your melody. Although the vocal melody itself is a subjective affair, its apparent absence will harm the song. Calculate the reference notes of your melody, and bring the text in line with them.

Do not forget about shifting the text in beats of the musical measure. A constantly repeating melody becomes boring, try shifting the rhythm from a strong beat to a weak beat. Use singing from the bar. We also recommend reading an article on how to learn to write poetry.

Actually, the semantic component of the text of your song remains solely on your own conscience. We only urge you to take it seriously so that after a few years you do not feel shame when you perform songs of your own composition.

Undoubtedly, each of us occasionally gets into the head a few lines of someone’s song that we sing - when out loud and when mentally. To listeners remember your text, repeat parts of it. It is very good if the repeated lines are also the name of the song. Here you get a wide scope for creativity - use it.

Next, pay attention to the melodic end of each line or two, depending on the melody. Do not constantly repeat the same melody at the end of each line of the verse of your song. Writing text, and the melody of the song, try to vary the endings, for example, come up with three and place them in the following order: first, second, first, third. Another common way to diversify the verse of a song you wrote: the first, second, first and original rhythmic or melodic drawing just before the chorus.

Also, do not clog the listener's head with a dozen guitar riffs, this only complicates the memorability of the song itself, and is unlikely to add attractiveness to it. Three or four riffs on the guitar are enough. Listen to a few songs of your favorite artists - most of them are built in this way.

Unlike guitar riffs, when it comes to drums, don't be greedy. The number of different drum rhythms should be at least twice the variation of the guitar or keyboard parts. Experiment with strong and weak beats, tempo and size. Feel free to borrow rhythmic ideas from other styles of music.

How to write a chorus of a song?

Of course, you understand that it is here that you will have to give everything in full, because it is the refrain that is the most memorable and recognizable element of the song. Imagine a huge stadium of spectators, enthusiastically singing with you a specific refrain. If you succeed, then they will succeed. Try to find one that the audience can catch. The chorus is also memorized by the number of repetitions. It is here that the reason for the repeated repetition of the refrain of any, more or less well-known "pop" song lies. You do not have to follow the same path. For example, use modulation, increase the melody by a tone, another. This will sound beautifully, emotionally, and, of course, will be remembered by the listener.

Well, if your song has a variety of melodic inserts, losses, solos on a guitar or other musical instrument. At the same time, it is important to know the measure. After playing a half-hour solo, you will most likely run to awaken the audience in the hall or look for them in the smoking room.

SCALDAMIOPR Lyrics to order (metal)

Custom lyrics for all genres metal'a as well gothic, folk, pagan'but. and all that is usually implied in such cases :-). On russichet and English.

Hello! If you are reading this page, then you need lyrics. If so, then I am at your service.

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And - for a second! - All these regal and unfinished words may soon become an ornament of your brutal riffs!

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  • Decide on a song theme in advance. It happens that you don’t know what the lyrics should be and / or give me complete creative freedom, and when I got down to work (or, moreover, when everything is ready), inspiration comes to you. I warn you right away: all the insights should be condescending to you BEFORE I start my work, and not AT THE TIME or AFTER.
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Sending a song to the radio rotation

Very often, novice performers hear a refusal, not a format, they say. Naturally, it is necessary to take into account the direction of the radio station: a song in the style of des-metal is most likely not to be received on radio oriented to thieves songs.

At the same time, if the recording quality is good, and the style does not contradict the music playing on the radio, then the structure of the composition is violated - the introduction is too long, the solo or the loss, the song itself is too long. Try not to exceed the value of four and a half minutes. Airtime at the stations is often strictly scheduled, so most likely they won’t turn your fifteen-minute rock opera.

Of course, the above rules are advisory rather than mandatory. Sometimes songs become hits by accident, such as the "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. The album was already ready, it took one song, and, as a result, the song accidentally hit the record became a world-wide hit.

At the same time, I want to note that the principles songwritingthat you just read are the result of summarizing the many years of experience in writing famous songs completely different musicians playing in different directions. Therefore, careful and timely application of them will significantly increase the professional level of the songs you wrote. and, of course, will benefit you and your listeners! All the best!