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Request for a letter of recommendation


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A good reference letter from a former or current employer is of tremendous value to any job seeker. The request to write a letter of recommendation should not cause stress at all. Reach out to the right people and give them enough time. Think together about key aspects of future writing. Control the process and get a letter of recommendation that will help you find the job of your dreams!

Simple rules for getting a letter of recommendation

There are different situations in life when a person needs to receive a letter of recommendation from his former or current boss. But not every employee can go up to the boss and ask him about it without too much anxiety and worry.

Consider a few simple rules so that you are not denied a recommendation.

Enough time

Do not run up to the boss and ask him to leave a recommendation about you as soon as possible. Most people do not like rush. They need enough time to think and formulate everything. You can also ask for a recommendation in advance. If you have a good relationship with the leader, and he or you are transferred to another department or region, then thank him for his support and ask if he can be contacted in the future if recommendations are needed? Most likely you will be told yes.

Sample letter of recommendation to the bank from the counterparty

The frame of the document Those who are first taken to evaluate someone else's work can be advised to use a letter of recommendation template. A document of this kind should contain the following required information:

  1. Headline. It displays the essence of this message.
  2. Full details of the recommended person (by whom, from what time and for how long the employee worked at this enterprise).
  3. Specific facts of his work in the company (what he did and what heights he achieved).
  4. Comprehensive employee profile.

Be sure to note its strengths in order to interest the future employer as much as possible.

  • Contact details of the recommender. Quite often, management turns to their previous place of work to clarify or verify some of the facts stated in the letter.
  • Sample letters of recommendation. letter of recommendation for the organization: template

    For example, a person turned to a cleaning company for help and after rendering the service was satisfied with the work done. He can draw up a letter of recommendation and put it in the media, urging the rest to contact this organization with questions regarding cleaning. For reliability, he will need to indicate his data.

    This will make any potential client understand that such an opinion is not a fiction. It will be necessary to additionally indicate what kind of work the employees of the company did, how quickly they completed the task, and how well it was completed. As a rule, such a letter ends with an appeal to all those around to use the services of this particular company.
    Babysitting When a child appears in the family, he requires a lot of attention and special care. But not all parents are able to give it to their baby.

    Request letter of recommendation (letter of recommendation)

    Forms and sample documents / Letter / The document belongs to the "Letter" group. We recommend that you save the link to this page in your social profile or download the file in a format convenient for you. Download the sample document “Letter of request for recommendation (recommendation letter)” to .DOC /.DOCX / .PDF / .RTF ¦General Director¦ ¦OJSC НазваниеName¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ Dear Mr. (Madam) (last name)! ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦.О.
    SURNAME 1 turned to us with a request to provide a vacancy ¦ ¦ (...). In his resume, I.O. FAMILY indicated as one of the places of its previous work of OJSC “Name”. ¦ “Since this moment, we are very interested in attracting specialists in the field of (...), I kindly ask you to inform in writing how IO acted.

    How to ask for a letter of recommendation

    This document must reflect the following required points:

    1. Confirmation that the specified company for a long time (preferably more than two years) owns an account with this bank.
    2. The company is a bona fide beneficiary with whom during the entire period of cooperation there were no problems.
    3. The company is solvent and has no debt to the bank.

    These three points must be reflected in the letter. Only then will a foreign bank perceive the newcomer as a client with whom it is possible to build long-term and trouble-free relations. Rules for preparing a document In order to achieve the desired result, you must know in advance how to write a letter of recommendation.
    To begin with, it is worth remembering that you need to avoid commonplace expressions and standard phrases in every way.

    Letter of recommendation recommendation

    They are needed in case you need to clarify the information provided.

    • Date of compilation of the document.
    • The list of items can be increased at your discretion, since the law does not establish a specific form of such a document. Useful recommendations To make the sample letters of recommendation the most complete and correct, it is worth considering several useful tips when compiling it: Do not use on-duty phrases such as “the employee showed commendable initiative” or “the employee showed himself to be responsible and executive during his work”. This is any person already indicates in his resume.

    It is better to show in a letter his specific actions and achievements, backing up all this with numbers.

    Letter of recommendation: how to write

    In each separately taken letter of recommendation, individual traits characteristic of the relationship with this particular counterparty should “show through”. For example, a different number of contracts concluded with a counterparty, a different duration of cooperation should be indicated. It will be useful to indicate additional points that characterize those interacting as responsible business partners, fulfilling their obligations.

    New organizations If the business reputation of the company is in the process of formation, it makes no sense to ask her for reference letters from the counterparty to the bank. This point needs to be clarified immediately when business correspondence with a bank employee occurs. But even in a situation where the provision is impossible, it is worth answering the request correctly using specific formulations.

    How to write a reference letter example / sample

    Past owners or a former employer act as guarantors. Assistance in finding a job When an employee changes his job or pretends to participate as a specialist in a project, he is sometimes required to provide a letter of recommendation from the employer he has worked for recently. The work book only states the fact of work in a particular enterprise.

    But it does not say anything about how a person manifested himself in the workplace. The desire to find a more prestigious job is clear to everyone. But not everyone is ready to give a recommendation. A lazy and non-executive employee may not even count on her.

    But a good specialist with great experience will always meet you. To make a letter of recommendation to an employee, it is best to contact your immediate supervisor.

    Sample letter of recommendation

    • How long have the companies been working together.
    • Were there any irresponsible steps and complaints from the recommended side (since this is a letter of recommendation, it is implied by default that they were not).
    • Has the counterparty fulfilled debt obligations, if such arose between the counterparties.

    The paper ends with the signature of the head of the recommending counterparty and the date. If possible, put a "live" print. This stroke adds weight to the recommendation. Although since 2014, the attitude towards the press has changed significantly.

    Tête-à-tête? No!

    No need to ask for a letter of recommendation when you are alone. So it will be easier for your boss to shrug it off or seem to be insufficiently significant. Another thing when you are not alone. In this case, the boss will experience some pressure that will not allow him to refuse. Also, his status will increase in the eyes of his colleagues as a leader.


    Even if you are in a very good relationship with your boss, treat him with respect. Say that you would like him to draw up a letter of recommendation, because he (she) is a very experienced leader, well versed in people and knows about all your qualities. And also only he has sufficient qualifications, which allows you to evaluate all your professionalism.

    Assistance. How to write a letter of recommendation.

    If the boss agreed to write a letter, then give him assistance in this. First you need to tell him more about the vacancy that you are applying for. It will not be superfluous if you send him a copy of the job announcement, your resume, portfolio and motivation letter. So it will be much easier for him to write a good text specifically for this vacancy.

    Tell your boss about all the important aspects. For example, if a fast pace was mentioned more than once in an ad, then provide your boss with all the evidence that you can work at that pace.

    Make a letter plan together or provide your boss with a draft.