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7 tips for a beginner and not just a bartender


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First of all, it is necessary to have a genuine interest in the process of production and serving of the drink. You should like the process of preparing and serving the drink, communicating with customers (remember that customers can be completely different). A person who cannot stand for about eight hours in a row is also unlikely to become a good bartender - he will simply quickly become tired physically, and work will not be a joy to him. However, if you like communicating with people and are confident that such work will be to your liking, nothing can stop you from becoming a bartender.

For this, it is necessary, first of all, against the appropriate training course - for example, enroll in bartender courses. Typically, you can find such courses in almost every major city, and to choose the most high-quality and interesting courses, use the recommendations of acquaintances, friends or graduates of certain courses. But just getting trained is not enough - the bartender must understand what his job is and be as motivated as possible. The principal incentives for any bartender should be the pleasure of the client and the profitability of the institution.

The bartender always monitors the quality of the drinks served, monitors compliance with all hygiene and safety rules, decides on the purchase of equipment and the necessary supplies of drinks for the bar. Also on the shoulders of the bartender lies the control of cash transactions and the compilation of bar cards. Therefore, every bartender should ideally know the rules for serving drinks, be able to handle all bar tools and accessories, know all the classic cocktail recipes, and be able to make their own recipes that will become the hallmark of the institution.

Another important quality of the bartender is impeccable manners. The bartender must abide by all the rules of etiquette, be a mandatory and honest person, be able to listen to his clients, while observing a certain distance. If you are sure that you possess all of the above qualities, then the work of the bartender is suitable for you, and you can safely try your hand at this profession.

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Special effects

Citrus zest that remains from the fruit is a real treasure in the hands of a professional. Fire has long attracted people - visitors to the bar are no exception. Before serving a drink to a client, squeeze out an essential oil cut into pieces of a zest on a burning match - a firework of the client’s impressions, and, accordingly, a good tip will be provided.

Everything at hand

The search for the necessary substances and tools and components stops any work, the work of the bartender is even more so. After all, he should have a lot of things at hand, ranging from jewelry to drinks directly. If the bartender in the "park" takes the thing from its place, and then does not put it back, then the next time he needs this thing, he will have to look for it for a long time, which does not add to the speed of customer service. Beginning bartenders can behind the counter (after all, visitors don’t look there) to stick paper with reminders where what thing should lie.

Why traffic jams?

Some bars have buckets or huge cognac glasses with bottle caps. Visitors believe that this is just a piece of decor, but in fact it is a very functional thing. After all, even at home during the feast, many lost the cork from the bottle, let alone an institution in which there were a huge number of these bottles. Therefore, it is best to put the cork in one and the same place - in this case, in the cork container - so that you can always find and use it if necessary.

Cocktail straws

Cocktail tubes are a separate issue. Do not forget that visitors still take the tube in their mouths. And since many people are squeamish, there is a rule - to take a tube only for a bend (corrugation), and not for the upper part, as many inexperienced bartenders do during an influx of visitors. If the tube does not have a bend, then you need to take it by the middle, but not by the part that customers put in their mouths.

The bartender looks especially elegant during work, who takes the tube with special forceps. By the way, during various competitions among bartenders (there are some), professionals use this technique to look profitable in the eyes of the jury.

Sparkling glasses

Many have seen more than once, coming to the bar, that the bartender wipes / polishes the glasses with a napkin. And if all the glasses are already grated, then what should the bartender do? Immediately before serving the drink, the visitor should lightly polish an already clean glass. Firstly, the client will like it (which means he will give more tips), and secondly, this is necessary according to hygiene requirements.

Despite the fact that the glasses are already clean, dust particles invisible to the eye settle on them. Flax napkins are great for polishing glasses, and you can use any cloth that absorbs moisture well for rubbing. It should be noted that champagne glasses and glassware for beer are not polished. By the way, when serving at the counter, a glass with a drink must be placed on a stand (bonfire) or napkin.

These items perform several useful functions:

- aesthetics of service. It’s always nice when your glass is not just on the surface of the rack, but on a beautiful coaster,

- time saving. If the drink is spilled, the bartender will not have to wipe the rack once again.

- Efficiency and speed of service. If several bartenders work behind the counter, then the visitor is served by the one who first put a napkin or a bonfire on the counter. This avoids duplication of orders.

Tip number 1. Do not rush!

I did not immediately understand this common truth, and therefore, I am very sorry. You need to take your time in everything, starting from a job search, and ending with dismissal from it. The bartending craft does not endure fuss. When choosing your future place of work, it is worthwhile to carefully study all available offers, weigh all the pros and cons, ask around, find out, try, so to speak, taste. They offered an internship - no need to rush either. Sometimes it can drag on for a couple of weeks, or even more, but since the owners of the institution need it so much, it’s better to put up with it, of course, if the situation does not smell bad.

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In work, you should completely forget about the rush. Resign yourself to the idea that much will not work at first - patience will help overcome any barrier. First, you need to patiently get used to workdays, to catch and study as much as possible. This will help more experienced partners, so it is better to go first as an assistant to the bartender, and only then become the bar counter yourself. Over time, your movements become honed, correct, balanced and carefully considered. If you immediately grab onto everything, nothing good will come of it.

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Now essentially:

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  • Before you start your first shift, try to find out as many working moments as possible from the working bartender in the institution. It is worth being persistent and not afraid to ask questions. Find out where what lies, who deals with the orders, how the goods are received, how this goods is considered. Be sure to find out your powers and duties, as in some institutions a bunch of obscure duties are dumped on the bartender. It will not be superfluous to learn about the preparation of branded drinks, if any. In addition, it is worthwhile, just in case, to clarify the preparation of some well-known cocktails, as some bars use their own recipe.
  • During the first working days, try to get used to the environment. It is very important to get a feel for the workplace, to love it, whatever it is. Generally, bartender should feel at the counter, like a fish in water. From my own personal experience, I can say with confidence that adaptation usually takes about 2 weeks. After that, you already have a complete picture of the chosen profession and place of work.
  • During workdays, you should always be balanced. If the bosses are pushing, just agree with him, but still do everything as before, of course, if it, that is, the bosses, is really wrong. Brought out the client - ask your partner to serve him further. The client is always right - this is a true statement, but he is your guest, so let him act as a guest. Rudeness and bad behavior are hardly welcome anywhere.
  • Calmness is the main requirement from the bartender during a coup. You are the master of the situation. It is clear that guests want to get their drink faster and relax further, but the fuss will only make it worse. I lost my temper - immediately everything starts to fall out of my hands, drinks are spilled, layers in shots do not lie down, everything behind the bar instantly ends. It’s better to ask your partner to stand at the frontline for at least a couple of minutes, and to leave yourself and calm down, smoke or just sit and breathe deeply. Work at the counter with a partner is the finest thing in the bar craft. You always feel support, you always know that you will be insured and will not be offended - you need to value this.

Anyway, do everything quickly, but at the same time, and slowly. You will immediately find your rhythm. If you understand that you are not created for certain conditions, it is better to look for a new place. But, nevertheless, any difficulty can be overcome, adapt and adapt.

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Tip number 2. Get ready!

Oh, this is great bar truth. The bar should always be as prepared as possible for any situation. This is especially understood when the constipation comes. Even the finished cream in the bottle can cause so much trouble that you can not even imagine. The most dangerous thing is to lose the rhythm - if you lose it, then everything, write - it's gone!

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  • Maximize the bar. If the warehouse with products is far away, then it is worth placing as much as possible behind the counter itself. Expose everything that can be displayed. Fill all the cabinets and shelves with the most popular elite, wine and other drinks. Maximize refrigerators with juices, vodka, beer, champagne and other drinks that are served cold, but without ice. In a round-the-clock establishment, a night shift of bartenders is usually involved in this, most often one. In Crimea, we worked only at night, but one person remained to spend time, so to speak, in the institution (this, incidentally, belong to the first advice - we still performed the duties of watchmen). It was his responsibility to pack the bar and clean it up. The working environment throughout the evening and night depended on how well this was done, so we would really argue with partners if someone didn’t do something.
  • Prepare all sorts of little things. In summer, it is better to pick up mint for Mojito in advance. So that it does not wither by evening and remains in its original form, put it in a container and cover it with a damp cloth or cloth, periodically moisturizing it as it dries. I would not recommend slicing fruits in advance - they will lose their appearance quickly enough. Fill the cream siphon (bottle). Pour coffee into the hopper, pour water into the boiler, place the tubes and skewers in the organizer.
  • Prepare Supplies. Press a small bottle of lemon fresh (so that it does not turn sour quickly, add a small amount of vodka to it, of course, if it will not go into soft drinks), prepare sugar syrup if there is no factory-made one (0.5 l of water per 0.5 kg of sugar - boil for 3 minutes and cool). In Caffeine, we were still preparing a small bottle of fresh orange - it really helped out, since we had some fresh cocktails.
  • Brush yourself. Wash all bar equipment before work, grate the dishes, if you do this in your institution (in some, dishwashers do this). If there is a coffee machine, soak it and then wash the holders thoroughly. As necessary, clean the system itself in the car - I'll tell you later how. Soak overnight or put on (as you have with the schedule) a cappuccino machine. Wash the bar well. If it is wooden, then it should be rubbed with polish, if from other materials - first with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth, and then with alcohol - we did this in the Crimea, rubbed the rack once a day with vodka. Then the stand will shine, all kinds of stains and other husks will disappear on it, and most importantly - it will become perfectly clean.
  • Lay out the dishes. In coffee houses, it makes sense to immediately reserve a certain number of saucers: put a napkin, sugar, candy (if served). It really helps out in the cold - no need to waste time serving. And during operation, you can preserve empty seats on the rack.

Tip number 3. Remember!

This advice, of course, I already mentioned in the first, but here I mean something else. First, study the bar chart and costing for all cocktails well. It takes seconds to recall the ingredients and their quantities. In a good way, you should not go to work until you have learned the ingredients of all the cocktails.

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Secondly, remember customers. What and who drinks, how he behaves, what you can talk about with him. Regular guests of the institution - this is a real gift for any bartender. No need to waste time guessing the order, the guest of the institution, as a rule, already knows what it will be. Sometimes it even came to our point that a person was still parking a car, and you were already starting to prepare his favorite drink. This is a real time saver. In addition, such guests go to the institution constantly for a reason - it means they like everything, and if you like it - then you can count on good tips.

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Tip number 4. Clean up after yourself!

This is really enraging. A very, very big minus of working with a partner occurs when he is DIRTY. The workplace must always be clean, no matter what the constipation does not happen. Spilled - wipe, dropped - raise, turned on - turn off, stained - wash, tired - not the time =). These are common truths of teamwork. Your one oversight will come out sideways by several at the partner. And if you work on your own, then even more so - there is no insurance, you have to rely only on yourself, so if you don’t worsen your life, there’s no reason!

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Tip number 5. Be handsome!

Here I mean neatness. People love when the other person looks good, and the bartender is simply obliged to look good. Clean and ironed clothes are the default. I didn’t work in restaurants, and probably I wouldn’t want to, but there you still have to be always well-shaven, trimmed and combed. In clubs or coffee houses, you can afford a modest stubble and haer on your head, the main thing is that it looks like haer, and not like cosmas bum =).

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Of course, the shoes are not visible behind the bar, but I’ll give you some advice: put on closed shoes, preferably with thick material on top. It would not be bad if this material can be washed or at least wiped with a damp cloth. I mean, something will constantly spill and fall on one’s feet - it’s better to be ready for anything. Of course, the shoes should be comfortable - the legs will say thank you after you stand another 15 hours behind the counter. In fact, in almost all establishments they can be fined for their appearance, and if they are completely insane, they can be fired.

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Tip number 6. Learn to communicate!

Uncommunicative for steadfast no place. Many guests come to establishments not to drink something, but only for communication. Train a competent speech - the mat is not welcome. Notice what topics regular guests like to talk about if you are not strong in it, that is, it makes sense to fix it. They talk about football - read about football, about finances - read a couple of Forbs magazines, about women - just talk about women, a woman says - just listen =). You should not enter into heated debates with guests, if you think that the client is not right on any issue, it is better to remain silent. Agreeing with everything is also stupid, but spoiling your attitude is not a good idea. Stick to the neutral side.

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Tip number 7. Learn to prioritize!

Everything is simple here: children are served first, then older people: first ladies, then men. If guests are crowding around the counter, then it is worth serving the first lonely guest, and only then the company. If several people are sitting at the counter who want to communicate with you, then there are several options. You can tear between everyone and talk a little with each, or you can just introduce them and already have a conversation with everyone at once, most often this happens on its own.

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I'm tired. You can still write and write here, but for today I will probably stop. Here I touched on only the main aspects, some of which deserve special attention, but this is later. Ah yes, out of turn - SMILE! The bartender’s smile works wonders =)

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