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Are there shredders to destroy A3 paper?
The A3 format can be destroyed in shredders for a large office with an input slot of at least 300 mm. But we’ll reveal the secret that A3 is easy to destroy in any shredder by simply folding the sheet in half.

Can newspapers, fax paper, postal envelopes, household packaging, laminated documents, documents in plastic files, etc. be destroyed with a shredder?
Paper shredders are designed to destroy standard office paper 70-80 g / m2. Cutting into small fragments is ensured in these machines thanks to closely placed knives. When destroying newspapers, fax messages, or laminated documents, thin paper and pieces of plastic remain on the blades, and the shredder begins to work incorrectly. The possibility of paper jams increases and the performance of the shredder decreases. It is not recommended to destroy postal envelopes and packaging materials in ordinary office or personal models, since the glue contained in them after contact with the cutting shafts can lead to device failure.

Is it possible to destroy documents fastened with paper clips or staples, CDs, credit cards?
It is possible if the manufacturer indicated this possibility in the technical specifications for the shredder. You can check this in the user manual, in the shredder card on our website or on the graphic icon on the shredder itself.

If a shredder is designed to destroy credit cards or CDs, is it possible to destroy credit cards in large quantities on it?
No, all shredders were originally designed to destroy paper. Destruction of credit cards or disks is an additional opportunity and their number should not exceed 1-2% of the volume of documents being destroyed. To save the resource of the shredder, it is recommended to periodically alternate the destruction of cards and disks between the destruction of paper documents.

Why are separate slots made to destroy CDs?
A separate slot has a narrow slot, which reliably protects the user from accidental rebound of plastic parts during destruction. In some cases, a separate slot has a special cutting mechanism and a waste basket, so as not to mix paper and plastic fragments.

Why does the shredder sometimes stop during operation for 20-30 minutes? How long can a shredder run continuously?
Each shredder has a specific duty cycle, which is equal to the time of its continuous operation. For small personal shredders, the work cycle can be 3-5 minutes, for large ones - 30 minutes and above. The duty cycle can be indicated by 2 digits - 10/25 min. This means that for about 10 minutes, the shredder can work continuously, after which it will automatically turn off for 25 minutes to cool. After that, the destruction can be continued as usual.

What does the recommended number of sheets destroyed per day mean?
This is the maximum recommended number of sheets that the shredder can destroy, working in normal mode without overloads, but subject to timely lubrication. Shredders for a large office are designed to destroy 10,000 sheets per day. But if you destroy 1 sheet, then a day is not enough to destroy 10,000 sheets. What's the catch? The recommended number of sheets per day is calculated based on the fact that the user will immediately destroy a stack of sheets, and not 1 sheet at a time. The recommended number of sheets is based on the average shredder load over an 8 hour business day. In this case, the shredder can work and more hours per day. The shredder can destroy more sheets per day / day, but this will increase the wear of the mechanism and reduce the service life.

Do I need to lubricate the shredder? Which oil to use? How are shredders lubricated?
Fellowes recommends lubricating a cross cut shredder after each emptying of the basket. If this is not done on time, then the performance of the device may sharply decrease, paper jams will often occur and extraneous noise will appear. At the same time, the load on the cutting unit will increase, which can lead to increased wear of the shredder.
It is recommended to use oil intended specifically for shredders. Unsuitable oil can cause jamming and frequent paper jams. Slitting shredders do not need lubrication.
Only the cutting shredder blades are lubricated. If the cutting mechanism is visible in the feed slot, then you can apply the oil directly to the knives along the loading opening, then turn on the reverse for 3-5 seconds. If the cutting mechanism is not visible, then you can apply oil to a sheet of paper in wave-like movements and destroy it like a regular sheet of paper.

Which shredder is better - with longitudinal or cross cutting?
When slitting, paper is cut into strips. This method is faster and more productive, but, as a rule, has a low level of secrecy P-1 and P-2. Such shredders are recommended for the disposal of common unclassified documents. Slitting shredder does not require lubrication.
When cross cutting, documents are cut into separate fragments. Cross-cut shredders are slightly more expensive, but on the other hand, they can destroy sensitive documents with a high level of secrecy. Cross cut shredder basket fills much slower, it does not have to be emptied often. Cross cut shredder must be lubricated periodically.

How are Powershred shredders different from Fortishred? What is the Microshred Shredder Series designed for?
Powershred is the main series of Fellowes shredders. Shredders are presented in all segments and levels of secrecy from P-1 to P-5. The Powershred range is always distinguished not only by the best offer in terms of price / quality ratio, but also by the use of unique patented technologies.
Fortishred is the premium Fellowes shredder series. Shredders are made in Germany, made in strict design, the body is made of chipboard, which can significantly reduce the noise level. Fortishred shredders are available for all privacy levels, including the highest P-6s and P-7s.
The Microshred series of shredders is designed to destroy P-5's highly confidential data. It is this level of secrecy that is optimal and sufficient for most confidential office documents, including financial statements and documents of the first persons of the company.

What is the difference between an auto-feed shredder and a usual one?
AutoMax shredders allow you to destroy documents without user intervention. A stack of papers is placed in the receiving tray, and then the user just needs to press only 1 button and you can return to your current affairs. When destroying a stack of papers in a conventional shredder, it is necessary that the user is constantly next to the shredder and feed the paper into the slot as necessary.

Where are Fellowes shredders manufactured?
The headquarters and development center of Fellowes is located in Itasca, USA. Shredders for the large office models 425 and 485 are made in the USA, all models of the Fortishred series shredders are made in Germany, the rest of the shredders are assembled at Fellowes in China to save a more affordable cost.

What to do if the shredder breaks?
You need to contact one of the authorized service centers, the list of which is indicated in the product warranty card. Amix Trading House is a Fellowes service center. If the case is recognized as a warranty, your shredder will be repaired or replaced with a new one for free.

What is the warranty for Fellowes shredders?
An entry-level model provides a standard 1-year warranty. For office models, as a rule, an extended warranty of up to 2 years is provided.

Why is there a different warranty on the shredder and knives?
By providing an extended warranty on knives, Fellowes guarantees the unsurpassed quality and reliability of the most expensive shredder part. Warranty for knives can reach 30 years.

Where can I find instructions for using shredders?
Each shredder is accompanied by instructions. If you have lost it, then the hardware instructions can be downloaded from the link.