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How to beat a twisted ball in football


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Amaze your teammates with real football magic! Make the ball change direction in flight. Learning the technique of such a strike is easier on a stationary ball, for example, when performing a free kick, although technical football players are able to perform such a blow even on a flying ball. If you want to learn this focus, then our article is for you.

Bit of theory

In this article you will find out how to learn how to beat a twisted ballwhat you need to know in order to be able to beat with a twisted kick internal part of the foot. We will analyze the basics of what you need to know for a twisted strike.

The first thing you need to learn on the way to a strong and, most importantly, accurate shot in football is how the ball trajectory depends, depending on where you hit it.
All you need to know:

  1. The ball that hit the right side will fly to the left and will rotate to the left.
  2. The ball that hit the left side will fly to the right and will rotate to the right.

A twisted kick can be beaten with different parts of the foot, but if you want to beat with a twisted kick, hit the inside of the foot. I think this is the best and easiest way to make the ball spin well and accurately.

But you can also beat the outside of the foot, or lift, if you want more strength on impact, but the ball will spin less, and these strokes are a little more difficult to master (at least to me). A little later, I will write an article on this one specifically on the twisted outside, but now the main thing for us is to learn how to beat a twisted ball first with the inside of the foot.

Runaway, support leg

To hit the inside of the foot with a twisted ball, you need to take a run from the right side, if you beat with your left foot, and vice versa, that is, you need to take a run from the side. You need to accelerate about 45 degrees from the ball.

If you take the run cleanly straight - you can’t spin the ball normally, the accuracy of such a twisted strike greatly decreases.

And vice versa, if you scatter from an angle of about 45 degrees, the blow will be accurate enough. To make a twisted kick stronger, you can increase the angle or distance.

Put your supporting foot a short distance from the ball, but make sure that your foot is not placed too close. You have to feel support, balance during the strike.

Twist punch

In order to perform a twisted hit, you need to hit the ball on the bottom of the ball, and when you already touch the ball, lead your foot to the upper far corner of the ball, thereby spinning it. For a spinning ball, you need to hit the ball casually to make it spin around its axis.

Pay attention to how you turn the knee during the blow, it should follow the blow, and also spin the ball, setting the path to the twisted blow.

A twisted ball is very similar to a regular pass with a cheek - you use the same part of the foot as with the pass, but during a strike, you turn your leg to spin it and raise it high.

When you make a twisted kick, hit the area shown in the figure. The strongest blows are made by this part of the foot, and a very large force is damped upon impact.

Also, you have this advice: turn your shoulders and chest on your target after an impact - the accuracy increases.

Schematically, the twisted kick of the ball can be depicted as shown in the figure on the right.

Set the target

Also, you definitely need to set a goal for yourself where you will beat the twisted ball. It can be anything a bottle, a cone, a stone, a package, everything that comes to hand, but you should not just hit the field.

Set the target at a distance of 10-15 meters. Having set a goal, you will learn how to calculate the strength and accuracy of a twisted strike precisely for the current target. This will make it much easier for you to hit - agree, this is easier than hitting the target that you have in mind. This is very important, you see the obvious results of your strikes.

When you just start training a twisted kick, pay the main attention to ensure that the ball spins. You will work out strength and accuracy when you learn to spin the ball.

Do not be discouraged if something does not work out - a twisted kick is difficult enough to master, and requires a good workout.

A little later, I will describe how to beat the outside of the foot. Write to me: what do you want to know next time, I will be very grateful.

Twist Punch Options

Depending on how you hit, the twisted ball can spin both one way and the other. There are three ways to perform a twisted ball:

  • inside of the foot
  • the outside of the foot
  • lifting the foot.

Before you learn how to beat a twisted ball, you should understand for yourself all the options for execution and theoretical foundations of this technique. The simplest in execution is a twisted kick with the inside of the foot, so even young children are able to learn how to perform this element relatively quickly. Two other twisted blows are a bit more difficult to complete, so in order to learn them, you need to spend a considerable amount of time training. Today, not every professional football player can boast of good twisted kicks from the lift or the outside of the foot.